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Faces first info !

KGMafia 1914

Club Supporter
Holla :) Happy FIFA 09 Demo :P Here are the first news for the faces :)

- Textures still at 512x256 resolution ; at 10 - 22 ZDATAS (not sure)
- Hairtextures 256x256 are in ZDATA 11 and 12
- *NEW* Eye textures (maybe adjustable from in-game) are in ZDATA 26 (t239)

This is Raul texture from FIFA 09. The places of the things are showing that you can't use the old textures any more

This is Raul model from FIFA 09 . As you can see it's very sharper and better formed

iuli_henry;2570538 said:
Eye Texture

Face Texture

Hair Texture

1st Part - Oedit

2nd Part - Oedit

3rd Part - Oedit

4th Part - Oedit
5th Part - Oedit

Final Face
Texture Mapping

Research so far made by Remal and iuli_henry

KGMafia 1914

Club Supporter
Edit your post, iuli, i added it to the main :P It doubles now :P

It's because there is a dumb rule no more than 10 pics in a post. It restricts me, so i made the pics urls

iuli_henry, can you tell us in which zdatas can we search for hairtextures, eyetextures and so on .. ?


Starting XI
It´s gonna be a pain in the ass to remake all the existing faces, but hey have in mind that the face format was almost the same since fifa 2005.

ps. it´s gonna take a long long long time to have this game equipped with the right faces i hope it´s worth it.

KGMafia 1914

Club Supporter
I don't have all Raul files :S I have all Drogba files, for example ;)

I think a whole new tool with strenghtened options for modelling and map ... i think it will be good the for the map to have a "stretch" option and "zoom with + button" option


Youth Team
the face shape no longer depends on the texture but it depends more on perfect 3d so face making will be more complicated as the players model is multi-part and needs alot of working


Youth Team


Reserve Team
I think that is alpha ...i am not sure.
All i know is that the are 2 parts : 1st part(Ronaldinho bandana,Cech helmet etc) and 2nd part(Ronaldinho's "tail",Cech's hair under helmet etc)

Now i see KGMafia1914's question.

Eyes textures - Zdata 26
Hair textures - Zdata 11,12 and 13
Face textures - Zdata 20


Starting XI
f0rbiden;2570855 said:
Hy, i don't get it. I found o. models, i found face textures, i found hair textures, but here is the problem. As you can see there are 5 parts to an model, last two i think are from hair..

But hair textures that i found only look like old one's , and they didn't match on uv points..

Can someone explain me this hair sh*t please....

I think that's because now the hairs are not the t22's ... i'll do a research tomorro :clapwap:

Edit:Now i see,the hair files are in the zdatas 22-25 tga(psd) files.