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Faces first info !


Club Supporter
Hi I have some proplems to import a few faces. Some Players dont have the Button(Arrow) to import face files. U can only watch how the players look but cant change any hair or texture whit CM at some players. For the most players it works fine but like I said some doesnt have that option



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Who will be my angel, and will say me where can I find these 3d models (head) :( :(
I have search all last day, but I cant find! I have Oedit, but I need these 3d heads :(

Please help me!!!


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:sKIp_E:Listen all!
Before fixing faces, let EA fix the bloody goalnets first in fifa09. They're an insult to the game! Having just played, I find it disgusting to have paid that much money to see goals being scored in such unrealistic nets. The goalnet physics are about as good as in football games of the 80s!


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All the Ligue 1 patch made by Vladislav cannot be loaded as patch, we have to put data one by one with CM 09.

For example, the player "Abriel" : my question is : where to put abriel.bmp?cm_abriel.tga?cmbhair_abriel.tga?m228__ abriel.o? etc ...

Thanks for helping me.