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i got a question... is there anyway that i can modify stuff in the game without having to sacrifice my saved Manager Mode game??


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dani_tk;2359455 said:
is there anyway that i can modify stuff in the game without having to sacrifice my saved Manager Mode game??
Not easily, no. There are techniques that you can use to maintain two different FIFA data structures but whether that is more trouble than it is worth only you can say


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I have a problem that I hope someone can help me with!
I can't change kits.
I'm using Creation Center 07, Windows Vista Home premium.
I can edit anything else in the program, but when I change kits and then try to save it stops working. ..when I look at whats wrong it stands something about just-in-time debugging...visual studio..something...?
Do I need to have Visual studio installed to change kits??
Or is it something else?
please help!

I have tried Creation master to but can't even upload anything so I can start editing....


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can someone post the link to download NET 1.1.4322 FRAMEWORK.because microsoft has only kept NET 2.0 FRAMEWORK on their site and it is not back,for installing Db master,File master and other tools it asks for NET 1.1.4322 FRAMEWORK.
i got NET 1.1.4322,IGNORE THIS POST.


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Anyone Help? I Can't Import Flags

Im using Creation Manager 07, but having difficulty importing banners, adboards & strips.
I have the neccessary files for banners, but dont know how to make them smaller as there are 12 flags in the 1 picture.

Any help is appreciated, thanks guys :D

I tried 2GF Flag Importer but it said something wasn't installed.


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and can anyone update the link of Fancrowd Changer?
Is there another people in this place???

sorry for my bad english


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Sorry, I can't know HOW TO USE it !

I just down Creation Master and Creation Center
But, I can't know how to use it !
Can you show me ? I want to creat a National Team (you mean, I'm VNese, so I want creat a National Team - VIETNAM :) ).
What will I do to creat ? I see in CM07, the file's saved with name *.cm ??? FIFA07 can't detect this file. Please, help me ! :blush:
Note: my English is too bad, so can you write simple :D