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HELP MEEE PLSSS:.... Anyone to make for mee ball and trophy export from blender to fifa 16 tutorial....plss hellpp
it's exactly the same method with faces mate. instead of head model and face texture you import the ball/trophy models and their corresponding texture


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i dont know ..i'm not created faces and hairs..pls help me pao4ever
Follow Krisaju's face modding tutorial in order to set blender straight. Then you just follow its instructions of importation, but instead of face files, you import the ball/trophy ones


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Someone can help me in? This error keeps appearing every time i try to open the camp nou from this post by The Wizard.

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Good day everyone Design the Asian Cup trophy for fifa, in fifa 14 it exports perfectly, but wanting to export it in fifa 15-16 with the ariano´s script, it won't let me export it .. Anyone can tell me how to export the trophy for fifa 15-16 .. I get this error.