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FIFA 18-15 to 14 Conversions


Club Supporter
I dont know where to ask so im making my questions on this thread. Sorry for being annoying but there are a lot of faces, eg from j1 league, that neved bad been converted .Is there any chance that anyone can converted them, instead of having multiple conversion on the same players, eg Messi, Ronaldo, ect????

Harry BullZak

Club Supporter
So far I have been able to convert just 1 of the face models to FIFA 14. Although I have no idea, who's model it is :) :) :)

I spent virtually all day on it yesterday trying different combinations of conversion methods, but all are producing errors. @RALE is also looking at this too.


Youth Team
Decided to do a few conversions of some faces. I'm a 'newbie' at doing this (learned today) but it's going well.

I will concentrate on players that I have not found high quality versions of and young stars.

HBZ Facepack 1
Marc Wilson (166919)
Benny Feilhaber (173370)
Kei Kamara (176048)
Iturraspe (189574)
Michael de Leeuw (204136)
Kellyn Acosta (213209)
Dairon Asprilla (214354)
Maximiliano Urruti (215083)
Miguel Ibarra (225664)
Jordan Morris (226035)
Danny Miller (227904 - not a professional)
Rhyle Ovendon (234707)
Robbie Leitch (235043)
Ogo Obi (237459)

HBZ Facepack 1

HBZ Facepack 2
Patrick Cutrone (237715) original facemaker @krisaju95 WWT website
Konstantinos Mavropanos (242000) original facemaker @pao4ever
Rafael Leão (241721) original facemaker ??????

HBZ Facepack 2

HBZ Facepack 3

I may come back and update a few of these players in the future as I'm not 100% happy with the hair. Updated screens of the players are within the zip.

Raphinha (233419) - face converted by @Ealixo hair by me
Scott McTominay (237238) - face converted by Ealixo, hair by me
Matheus Pereira (228414) - face converted by Ealixo, head resized, texture recoloured and hair by me
Solomon Kverkvelia (205469) - by Ales 94, converted by me
André Simões (224075) - face converted by Ealixo, hair by me
Sergio Sánchez (178171) - by Ales 94, converted by me
Mattheus Oliveira (209621) - face converted by Ealixo, hair by me
Kamil Glik (190547) - custom F18 conversion by me
Alessandro Florenzi (203551) - by krisaju95, head resized by me
Hakim Ziyech (208670) - by FV.Bart, converted by me
Cruyff Johan (190045) - F15 to F14 conversion by me

HBZ Facepack 3

HBZ Facepack 4

All faces converted by @Ealixo Head model resizing and hair by me. Maxime Lestienne was due to be part of this pack, but I currently can't find the right type of hair for him.
Beto da Silva (231965)
Carrillo André (203299)
Le Marchand (192725)
Paulinho (216531)
Tozé (212729)

HBZ Facepack 4

HBZ Facepack 5

Here is a collection of faces that have been requested in this thread. I've edited all of them, by reducing head sizes, fixing hair etc but can't remember the original facemakers in some cases. I've been collecting faces for years now and some that I have are terrible. Werner is one I've had for a while. It needs a lot of work, so I will do an updated version at a later date.

Hernández Theo (232656)
Hunt Aaron (158138)
Kluivert Justin (236920)
Kokorin Alexandr (192086)
Lestienne Maxime (192537) @Ealixo face, hair by me.
Martins Obafemi (137494)
Werner Timo (212188)
Zé Roberto (28765) F18-14 conversion


HBZ Facepack 6

Once again faces converted by @Ealixo with hair and head resized by me.

Arzani Daniel (234867)
Leckie Mathew (195033)
Rogić Tom (207928)
Sainsbury Trent (199000)


HBZ Facepack 7
Guendouzi Mattéo (236496) - Original F16 face by @krisaju95 wwtfifamods

Éverton Ribeiro (181019)

Gustavo Scarpa (223211)

Marcos Valente (235828)

Piris Da Motta Robert (234037)

friend can you re-upload the links of this package please