1. P

    Classic faces by Piet

    Hello, I love classic football and make classic player faces that don't exist yet. Halil Altintop Sidney Govou Christian Panucci Louis Saha Albert Luque First release Hamit Altintop https://www.mediafire.com/file/akc23ovmu18hgqs/Hamit+Altintop.fbmod/file
  2. The World of FIFA


    This mod replaces the youth faces with default faces updated to the latest version of FIFA 21 Mod english version: http://eleburic.com/8unC Mod versión español: http://eleburic.com/8ukc I upload mods like these to my channel...
  3. N

    FIFA 21 TO FIFA 15

    Hi everybody, this thread is for all FIFA 21 to FIFA 15. I hope that everybody share mods, faces, whathever in this post. C'mon guys, FIFA 15 doesn't have to die
  4. D

    FIFA 21 to 14 All Faces Pack (Starheads + Generic)

    These packs include all FIFA 21 (Switch) faces for FIFA 14. For installation instructions, check the read-me file. Please note! If you found mistakes, please report in this thread. Thank you. Authors of these faces are EA Sports. Eye textures provided by @HarryBullZak In-game screenshots...
  5. LeoTarinha

    How to add the second division of a league?

    Hello everyone, I have a project in mind that I would like to create and distribute for free. I would like to know how to add the second division of a league. EX: I want to add series B of the Brasileirão and series C of the Italian championship. Can you please leave me a tutorial or at least...
  6. RenanMedeiros_29

    Facemods by RM29

    Hello everyone, :ewan: I'll start posting my works on this thread, hope you like it! Can find me in Twitter too: https://twitter.com/Renan_RM29 Here is my first facemod for FIFA 20. RODRIGO PINHO (CS MARÍTIMO-POR) DOWNLOAD LINK...
  7. A

    FIFA FACES PS3 ( probably in Xbox360)

    Hi, How are you? My named is Angelo, and for several days i have been gathering several faces, testing them on my ps3 fifa 19 and seeing which ones are alike, which are missing and which can be fixed. Honestly, i dont know how to use editing programs, so its difficult for me to fix or modify...
  8. diazjesux

    Faces XVI to XIV by diazjesux

    The method is experimental, faces can have bugs I am not an expert on the subject but I started to edit some files and managed to convert the head and hair files from fifa 16 and this is the first result Beckham (from PES2020) to FIFA 14 Download https://www.mediafire.com/file/tix1qf6mqzuqn4h
  9. D

    FIFA 14: Cyberface anatomy

    Files In FIFA 14, we have these RX3 files for custom cyberfaces (* - player ID): head_*_0.rx3 - the head model, shader "head" hair_*_0_0.rx3 - hair high-detail model, shaders "player_hair_kk_alphaA" (hair cap), "player_hair_kk_alphaB" (hair strand) hairlod_*_0_0.rx3 - hair low-detail model...
  10. S

    Thomas Partey

    Has anyone updated Partey for his current hair?
  11. The World of FIFA


    Hola, este mod reemplaza las caras juveniles con caras predeterminadas, actualizado a la última versión de FIFA 20 Link: http://intamema.com/BLmv https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFKLHfs3X7bnsm3Ri2bhzsQ
  12. R

    Risk Faces

    V2 is available
  13. Jay Nightwolf

    Faces Conversion fifa 20 to fifa 15

    hello fifa lovers, mainly fifa 15. I am creating this topic so that you, mod creators can please be able to make face conversions from fifa 20 to fifa 15 I know it is very difficult, especially for me who is a beginner in mods, but if possible post faces converted from fifa 20 for 15 here, as...
  14. son_of_god

    Face Creation Tutorial

    Good day. I am looking for information on how to export the RX3 files from FIFA, and after creating the face, to be able to import it. Some help? Since FIFA 16 I do not.
  15. Tahir Nurullah

    FIFA 20 - Generic Face to Real Face Mods (Information)

    Hi FIFA Lovers, This is Tahir Nurullah. I just love playing FIFA and always give importance to these features like Real Faces (for Players), Commentator Sound/Name (Commentators mention or say the name of the player when the ball is thrown/pass at the players' feet during the game) etc. In...
  16. Samka

    5000 FACES FOR FIFA 14

    Hi lads, I present to you a mega collection of faces for FIFA 14 5000 faces for FIFA 14 (5Gb) Download here
  17. D

    D-Tunez FIFA 20 Faces

    I started doing faces for Ajax (Erik Ten Hag, Edson Alvarez, Perr Schuurs etc.) But I like making faces so I will probably do more and show them off here!
  18. BR7 Mods

    BR7 Faces

    Hi guys i started modding in Fifa 19 just now created a thread in soccergaming
  19. HoppyJoe

    Joebro's Faces

    Hello boys, Long-time no see. Before this, I posted faces on behalf of HoppyJoe Faces. Stoked about the new Frosty Mod! We can finally make faces again. Thank you to everyone who helped the modding community. I will post my face making progress here. Please, no requests here. Send me a...
  20. T

    Anyone figured out how to use real managers faces yet?

    Last years you were able to use in-game real managers faces in career mode if you edited a certain line in FIFA.exe from RAM with a hex editor. This year, I cannot find that line. Anyone knows into what it changed? I doubt I'm the only one that wants this :)