1. Skoczek

    FC 24 to F14 Face conversions

    These packs include all FC 24 PC faces for FIFA 14. Please note! If you found mistakes, please report them in this thread. Don't DM me. Thank you. PC vs Nintendo Switch FC 24 on Nintendo Switch for the first time utilizes Frostbite, making a PC version a primary source of faces from now on...
  2. MichalGrau

    MG's Faces

  3. Amrbebo


    FACEPACK PLAYERS LIKE Harvey Elliott Alisson Becker Bradley Conor Clarkson Leighton Kaide Gordon Tyler Morton Takumi Minamino TO DOWNLOAD FACEPACK https://mega4upload.com/ny189yy2ou3g
  4. K

    Convert F14 to F16 and Share faces.

    I create this thread with the intention of being able to exchange face files for fifa 16 between all, my folder of face files is more than 22 Gb, it is difficult to share this package with you, but I will share any face you need and I hope you do the same with the other members of the community...
  5. Igor_Kiriakov_10

    FACES FIFA 23 by sampaio_facemaker

    Hello lovers of soccer video games! I am sampaio_facemaker and I want to share with you my works for FIFA and PES. You can make private orders to my instagram. Hope you like! We are in contact! (Sorry for my English) https://www.instagram.com/sampaiofacemaker/
  6. M

    faces convert to 16

    Doku convet from fifa 14 to fifa 16 credits King AJ Face Edits LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TdfBTI0JdBfN1r8IeLYyJ48tmPk_4zIQ/view?usp=share_link
  7. Rolls1

    Former Barça players faces

  8. Riazor Facemaker

    Riazor's Faces

    You can download my faces here Requests are welcome :)
  9. D

    Is possible resize a head without error on FIFA editor tool??

    I tried to resize one head that works but is too big in blender and imported it on FET but appears an error that says that there are missing tangents.In blender the face seems good.
  10. Dmitri

    Faces for Asset Loader

    In this thread I will upload test facepacks to be tested with Asset Loader. Test facepacks from FIFA 22 (Switch/PC) for FIFA 07 and FIFA 08: Real Madrid 21-22 facepack (23 faces): https://www.mediafire.com/file/775qb4sdoe3sbye/RealMadrid_2021_2022.zip/file Tigres U.A.N.L. 21-22 facepack (22...
  11. YakupGaming

    FIFA 21 Original Faces Converted To FIFA 19

    Hey I am a Modder For FIFA 19 (Used To Make Mods For FIFA 18) And These Are My Mods: FIFA 21 Original Faces Converted To FIFA 19 Players Included: Cristiano Ronaldo Lionel Messi Neymar JR Mbappe Eden Hazard Romelu Lukaku Alex Lacazette Granit Xhaka Ben Chilwell Youri Tielemans De Gea Harry...
  12. chesfunk

    Fifa 07 Xbox 360 facepacks Please

    Please upload rx2 facepacks of fifa 07 console xbox
  13. airtonda.fifa


    Anyone have icon player faces for FIFA 16?
  14. P

    Classic faces by Piet

    Hello, I love classic football and make classic player faces that don't exist yet. Halil Altintop Sidney Govou Christian Panucci Louis Saha Albert Luque First release Hamit Altintop https://www.mediafire.com/file/akc23ovmu18hgqs/Hamit+Altintop.fbmod/file
  15. The World of FIFA


    This mod replaces youth faces with default faces updated to the latest version of FIFA 21 Mod English version: http://apticirl.com/1FsH Mod Spanish version: http://apticirl.com/1Ft6
  16. N

    FIFA 21 TO FIFA 15

    Hi everybody, this thread is for all FIFA 21 to FIFA 15. I hope that everybody share mods, faces, whathever in this post. C'mon guys, FIFA 15 doesn't have to die
  17. Dmitri

    FIFA 22 to 14 Faces Pack

    These packs include all FIFA 18 - FIFA 22 faces for FIFA 14. For installation instructions, check the read-me file. Please note! If you found mistakes, please report in this thread. Thank you. Difference between PC and Switch packs Faces from PC version are in better quality, but also with...
  18. LeoTarinha

    How to add the second division of a league?

    Hello everyone, I have a project in mind that I would like to create and distribute for free. I would like to know how to add the second division of a league. EX: I want to add series B of the Brasileirão and series C of the Italian championship. Can you please leave me a tutorial or at least...
  19. RenanMedeiros_29

    Facemods by RM29

    Hello everyone, :ewan: I'll start posting my works on this thread, hope you like it! Can find me in Twitter too: https://twitter.com/Renan_RM29 Here is my first facemod for FIFA 20. RODRIGO PINHO (CS MARÍTIMO-POR) DOWNLOAD LINK...
  20. A

    FIFA FACES PS3 ( probably in Xbox360)

    Hi, How are you? My named is Angelo, and for several days i have been gathering several faces, testing them on my ps3 fifa 19 and seeing which ones are alike, which are missing and which can be fixed. Honestly, i dont know how to use editing programs, so its difficult for me to fix or modify...