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FACES MG's Faces


Youth Team


Club Supporter
Merry Christmas. Aside from Boniface, what other players that you're planning to do their starheads? Just wondering.


Youth Team
I know this site is death and nobody cares but just "few" words from my side. FET is still not 100% working meaning facemaking is quite difficult at the moment. This leads to the lack of willingness from my side to do any faces. I honestly don't know when fully working FET will be released and when/if one click conversion from FIFA to EA will be possible. I am not saying this is goodbye but please don't expect anything at the moment. There are also other reasons why I am not modding and just playing EA this year but I will not bother you with it. Thank you for your time.


Club Supporter
That Boniface face looks like a real face scan that EA would put in the game. Appreciate your work brother.