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Reserve Team
ok i understood whats happening now, everyplayer that is not on the screen resets to default lod and than when they appear they dont go to ultra lod.

for exemple, start of the match, center circle, every game that appears in the camera has ultra lod, but once the game starts and u pass the ball to the gk for exemple, he has default lod (because he wasnt in the screen in the beggining of the match), u can test this using pause to, once u come back to the match, every player that is in the screen will have ultra lod, but if u keep playing, and the camera moves, the players that werent on screen have default lod. Also, when the player go out of the screen they will go to default lod too.

I have exactly same issue as you describe

Fidel Gameplay

Senior Squad
Fidel, I don't know why, but since I entered your FIFA Config, at the first FIFA opening the game closes by itself after a few minutes
While when I open it again it's normal ...
Has it happened to other users?

Believe me, none of this is related to the fifaconfigMod.
Disable or Uninstall Geforce Experience to get max performances in any Frostbite game.
Try to install / update DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer.

You should also know that some GPUs are compatible with DX12 but have problems with DX11.3, this last one it is the version included in WIN10.


Club Supporter
Believe me, none of this is related to the fifaconfigMod.
Disable or Uninstall Geforce Experience to get max performances in any Frostbite game.
Try to install / update DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer.
Now it seems that it doesn't do it anymore, then geforce experience I keep it disabled.

Fidel Gameplay

Senior Squad

Good EA minimod!

I have already added multi traits and styles to all the players and gks, also made my custom gp mod,
custom sliders - gamepad - game settings, this game is stratospheric and really beautiful.

Through the Frosty Editor everyone will be able to make this game even more beautiful than the original.

This year I really like the online gp, in fact I'm doing the Seasons playing for a low rated Serie A Team.
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Fidel Gameplay

Senior Squad
FIFA 20 AGPE DB (after GPZ multi traits addon - Pass 1 of 4 - private Squads version):
players with SOLID PLAYER trait: (+32%)
players with LONGSHOTTAKER trait: (+16%)
players with LONGPASSER trait: (+8%)
players with DIVE INTO TACKLE trait: (+26%)
players with PLAY MAKER trait: (+11%)
players with FLAIR trait: (+11%)
players with AVOID WEAK FOOT trait: (+42%)
players with EARLY CROSSER trait: (+11%)
players with SPEED DRIBBLER trait: (+16%)
players with PLAY AT OFFSIDE LIMIT trait: (+8%)
players with DIVER trait: (+50%)
players with POWERFUL FREEKICK trait: (+6%)
players with OUTSIDE FOOT SHOT trait: (+19%)
players with SWING PASSES trait: (+19%)
players with HIGH STAMINA trait: (+4%)
players with FINESSE SHOT trait: (+6%)
players with SELFISH trait: (+10%)
continue...test version
keepers with GK PUNCHER trait: (+29%)
keepers with ONE VS ONE trait: (+29%)

just as an example, imagine custom teams tactics, imagine in gameplay, imagine FAES 20.
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Youth Team

probably EA has updated the structure of Characters LOD Groups.
Frosty editor will be out soon, so will be much easier for everyone to find the solution.
Same thing about the gp cam tweaker, this year I will only do fbmods.

I see, thanks for the reply Fidel! Hopefully Frosty will come out soon and save us...

I still dont understand why evan ultra settings we dont get at least the same lod levels as Xbox X/PS4 pro have...(they at least can see tight kits)


Youth Team
nice and blazing fast mods bro
i had fifa since fifa 10 , i used to buy it from third party sites as they are cheaper then origin, but this year the price is too damn high for me i cant afford it as i have other engagements, i will stick with the demo :(


Youth Team
Great, I also have a 2070 xD
- Set up on Directx 11 from Fidel's FIFA Config MOD;
- Open NVIDIA control panel (right button on the desktop and press on NVIDIA control panel);
- Go to the item Manage 3D settings;
- Add FIFA 20.exe (see photo below)
- Activate the "Triple Buffering"
- Vertical synchronization set the value: Adaptive

I hope I explained the process well

View attachment 26886

thx bro , this fixed my problem in fifa19, i used to unlock the fps in the config.exe and force vsync on with nvidia control panel to have 60fps replays but this method no longer works in dx11, but works with dx12 though.
dx11 is better then dx12 as you can use reshade with it, the nvidia freestyle filters available with dx12 are not that great
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