FIFA 20 Nintendo Switch to FIFA 14, 16


Youth Team
Thanks pal, I got the balls from your Mega link and the kits from scouser09's link in the FIFA 16 section.
Also your links to faces work fine. It's just that I couldn't download the first pack, but apparently I got everything I was after anyway. Thank you again! :)

Thanks dude. Who said I had problems with Mega? :p
Anyway I tried both the "original" 1st pack and the re-uploaded one via a different proxy (using HMA, like I usually do for Zippyshare as it's still blocked across most of Europe) and no luck.
I downloaded balls and kits separately though and everything's alright.
It's most likely something on my side if the link works for others and doesn't for me, but I'm too lazy to investigate further.