Fifa06 vs PES5


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Relica said:
Pes is superior in gameplay over fifa. However, fifa sells more copies because it meets gamers needs.

Pes is up its own drainpipe as it is too difficult to master and the number of controller moves is an overkill for a game.

I love playing pes as the gameplay is better but I switch to fifa often because it is an easier game. I wish I had 4 hours a day to master pes5 but I rather be more productive and do other things.

FIFA for kids

PES for people who want a real soccer game


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i made the switch to pes 5 realistic game play and a lot more 2-1 , 1-0 matches and i didn't have to dload a patch fr it to be that i can play in emirates stadium :) :jap:


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I had fifa 06 for about 6 years and it was so easy even on lengendary.Winning 3-0, 4-0.
Then I rented pes and wow the gameplay was incredible and I rented winning eleven 8 cause 9 was already rented out.When you scored a you felt happy.You feel very emotional playing.Believe me fifa ppl play pes you won't regret it. :ewan:


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gamerguy350 said:
Hang on, let me get this straight.

You have had Fifa 06, released less than a year ago, for 6 years?
He probably wants to say that he has been playing FIFA for 6 years,not FIFA06....

Anyway I want also to say(I have already posted this) that Fifa is a crap,and PES is REAL FOOTBALL!


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the most fun in PES/WE series so far is that I like editing the players' names from

Sometimes, it's better for me if Konami don't have the license FIFPro for the players' names. :amika: It took me days to finish it & I could play straight up to 4-5 hrs a day. :fool:


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i've been a die-hard FIFA fan since 1996, but i just downloaded the PES5
demo and it was awfully good...

when will FIFA 07 and PES 6 be coming out in the UK? and what do we think
of the battle between those two? i just can't make my mind up!