Fifa06 vs PES5


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PES 5!!

I was a "fifa addicted",but usually plays a PES 4 and watching the "fifa 06 demo"... pes...


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you said PES before the demo it released,without see demo!!
:boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo: :boohoo:

so idiot people
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A football game couldn't be more worthless than what Fifa 05 was. Didn't have any ball physics what so ever, it was like playing with a bowling ball.

Fifa 06 is totally different. Not as good physics as PES but it's okay. The animations sucks sometimes, but they've got loads of them and you can only tell that they suck when they change, ie that little time in between running and the dribbling.

One thing i love about fifa 06 is that the forwards don't run and attack you as fast as you're calming down the tempo in the game by passing it between the defenders. I hate that you can't do that in PES, to slowly build up your game from behind. You could in PES3, but not PES4.

Oh, and you can really really tell the animations suck when you're shooting. That just looks and feels baaaaad.

PES5 will probably be a lot better than Fifa 06, but that doesn't mean fifa 06 is bad cos PES is just the best it gets. I'll deffo play both a lot.


i play fifa to get the full football experience, and pes when i want realism and a guy named Farzel Horst in my team :rolleyes:


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Filipower said:
i play fifa to get the full football experience, and pes when i want realism and a guy named Farzel Horst in my team :rolleyes:

Sarcasm all over it. I prefer realism and gameplay over licenses and graphics.

Voltaic Borusse

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I don't play games to edit team names and players. It's not only time consuming, but I'm lazy as well. I prefer FIFA, that's just my preference.


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why is it time consuming to edit pes?

just download 1 patch (20mins)

hit the .exe file (0.01 sec)

wait for install(2mins)



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Joe Star said:
Farzel Horst!!!!!! (H)(H) I'm a PES fan forlife now!! (H)(H)

Butatista! (H)

It's not time consuming at all to edit PES, really. There are plenty of dedicated Option File makers. The ingame editor is pretty solid, too. Or so I'm informed.


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i've played both demos, and while Fifa 2006 impressed me positively, i have to say that PES5 blows Fifa in every aspect of gameplay, and this time IMO even in the graphics department. only the sounds could be a bit better..

i voted PES5 is still my favorite :rockman:


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played both games back to back, i tend to be a PES fan but here i go.


+ vastly improved gameplay, similar to PES but FINALLY the ball on the string has gone, long balls are still not great however, much better
+ controlls are better implemented now, not as much messing around
+ difficulty, not too hard and not too easy
+ running, FIFA players no longer look stupid, good physics model

- graphics are poor but its a demo so i'll let it off.
- gameplay still lacks a bit, when you dont have the ball its still not easy to track down players.


+ gameplay is vastly improved with realistic dribbling and better heading/physical animations
+ same with FIFA in that it has slightly better controls again
+ Slightly harder (which was needed)

- driblling is annoying, might be more realistic but still
- - - - Konami have done so little to improve this game


so anyway PES is still my favourite, but i doubt i'll buy it, im simply fed up Konami doing **** all and expecting people to buy it, apart from the great new physical stuff the game has nothing different; very annoying.

FIFA is improving vastly, if it keeps going at the same rate it wont be long before i switch over.



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TROD, I agree with you 100%,.............lets be honest, things you said are true.


Gameplay is definately better, its obvious, players movements and actions look quite good, ball is much better, more weighty, but im not a big fan of the shooting, ball seems to keep accelarating, and seems to take the same type of trajectory each time, unlike PES.......but overall its better, which is GOOD!!
I also agree that controlling movement of players off the ball is a litttle unfluent, can be improved, but the thing is im playing this demo, which says somthing, Ive not liked any FIFA title but i do like this one at the moment.
Commentry and sounds are great, i know commentry can always be much better but this is an improvement, well done.


Well, I was expecting more to be honest, really a whole year and this is not bagging it but this was my first impression of the game, infact i played it for 5 minutes and reloaded FIFA, go figure!!

Im sure the longer i play it the more ill see the areas that have been improved, unlike the things that definately havnt, like crowds, pitch, sound, and commentry, o dear, there was no commentry, is it because they are just gonna stick in the old ****???? like they did b4, come on guys, the commentry im hoping has been upgraded, there has to be something new in this years version thats been improved to a decent level, not to mention the license issue, which to begin with was bareable, but considering the leaps FIFA are making and the percentage of FIFA that is definately without a doubt ahead of PES, i dont care for the fake teams,names and stadia that is now a big pain in the AZZZZZ!! i agree with TROD..........if PES dont pick up the pace in other areas of the game like they ARE NOT doing i see myself buying FIFA........i want the best overall game, and FIFA are heading there...........PES is not perfect but they work on it like it is.........WRONG!!


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TROD said:

so anyway PES is still my favourite, but i doubt i'll buy it, im simply fed up Konami doing **** all and expecting people to buy it, apart from the great new physical stuff the game has nothing different; very annoying.

what more do you want them to do apart from add "off the ball" and "first touch" to completely f*ck things up?:|

CVS Stilton

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Nil Contesto

Having played both demos at length, the FIFA 06 vs PES5 debate resolves itself into one simple question -

From precisely how far up in the stratosphere above FIFA does PES5 rain down the urine?

Zero Zero Contest!


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HAHAHAHA the full version of FIFA 06 is such a rip-off of konamis game that when you boot it, it gives you an option for the controls you want to use.

1.Classic Analog Dribble - This mode is the normal FIFA where, square is lob, circle is shoot, x is switch player
2. New Analog Dribble - This mode has L1 for switch players, square is shoot, circle is lob
3. Classic Digital Dribble
4. New Digital Dribble

I have no respect for a company that does nothing but rip **** from other companies.


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You can't copyright ideas. Nobody's ripping anybody off. What do you think car manufacturers do when a rival car hits the market?

They buy one and take it apart.


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Yes but still its not fair when you use someones else idea.. its like seing Konami put the "off the ball control" thing.. it would be lame.


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There is always one company that sets the standard, because its the best. Over time the rest will follow this standard. Konami is setting the standard and EA is following. EA just cant deny anymore that pes has the best controls. Its a sign of weakness of EA and the strenght of Konami :shades: