..:: First FIFA11 exports!! ::..


Reserve Team
moddingway;2934329 said:
Talking with friends Sido, Hrvoje and MonkeyDragon and helped by our friendo Jorge we found that xbox raw files are dds textures. So soon we will be able to export / import them. Guys will be posting a screenshot soon.
Fantastic News Ariel! Thanks.


Youth Team
how could you exported this stuff from FIFA 11? so at the bigs not a file format just name and nothing more. Which programs uses this things?


Youth Team
Americanizta;2934422 said:
use textmod but im still tryin to figure out how to export them :/
- Open texmod.
- Browse for FIFA11.exe.
- Choose the export folder.
- Click the "run" button.
- Use the + & - buttons on the key board to view textures.
- Use Enter button to export.

enjoy :D


Starting XI
Outsider 87;2934224 said:
According to me the new texture make things easier for kitmakers because now you have the shoulders linked to sleeves
Yeah, but this is long sleeves not short. Many footballers wore long sleeve only in winter (except goalkeeper) :)