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[Graphic Mod] ENB for FIFA 13


Reserve Team
the problem is that i just put all the enb files in the game.exe folder
and when it gives me Messi logo..then freez or crash

what to do guys?


Club Supporter
Could anyone share their enb that has good contrast? I want the pitch to be a good darkish green colour but without the players looking too saturated, Rainy's doesn't look as good on the full version for me it's too reddish


Reserve Team
My latest ENB Series Test, based on ICe 2.1 V3 and with PlayerLodPercentageMultiplier", 2000.00)

Download TEST


Club Supporter
why people only take close up screenshots? it matters more what it looks like in gameplay cam from distance

take a screenshot of gameplay at day time clear summer :)


Club Supporter
Hi all^^! I came back with new config:
ENB v2 for FIFA 13
+ Link:
+ Install:
• Extract then copy all to ...\FIFA 13\Game\
• Must disable " In-game chat" by go to: ...\Origin\ then rename or delete file: IGO32.dll
+ Note:
• Press Shift+ Capslock to OFF/ ON ENB
• Can't use ENB with MSI Afterburner ( Crash to Desktop)
+ Screenshot:



Club Supporter
kaicooper;3322627 said:
u should do somthing to make it work with MSI
- U still can use it with MSI-AB if disable "on screen display" feature of MSI AB ( show fps, temp, gpu usage,...)
_DK_;3322842 said:
It's too bright in game , how can i change that :(
- huh...look like my screenshot? Pls..show me your screenshot.:bob: