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[Graphic Mod] ENB for FIFA 13


Youth Team
ENBv2 - The best enb I ve ever seen before.
Thanks A LOT!
Great color balance. Great lightning, great contrast balance. Everythings perfect!
Thanks once again.


Youth Team
Your enbpalette.bmp file is causing this. :P

On whites you will get red-tint (as there is color fix applied to palette). ;)


Club Supporter
It looks great but i have a problem ! It appears to me like my resolution has dropped after i ran the game with the ENB patch.I checked in my settings and my resolution is ok.But it looks more pixelly. Especially the letters in the menus look a lot pixelly. After i remove the ENB patch everything is ok (when i say remove i mean delete the files , not shift+caps)
Its a shame cause i like the colors.


Youth Team
razvanultra55;3320235 said:
ok, will do!


this is pretty good, any chance to see other stadium screenshot?the shadow look dynamic


Youth Team
hey can some one help me !! when i installed this patch the game got mess up im gonna put some pics so you can see and i erased the patch from the game folder but still the same some one help please !!



Reserve Team
You need to change settings in the control panel of your graphics card. It is possible that the graphics card software controls the game.


Youth Team
Alacon;3339680 said:
You need to change settings in the control panel of your graphics card. It is possible that the graphics card software controls the game.

thanks bro it worked !!! thanks a lot!!!


Club Supporter
It does absolutely nothing here. I have used other enb patches with games and I think I know how to use, but nothing, it is just to copy the files in "fifa13/game" folder where it is located fifa13.exe

I have always deactivated origin in game, and also I have remaned the IGO32.dll, but it is like my fifa13 were not compatible with ENB (no ENB version I have tried works with it). I do not know if fifa13 uses directx 9/10/11 depending on you graphic card or something..., I have MSI GTX 660TI with last nvidia drivers installed and Windows 7 64bits. Shift + capslock does absolutely nothing, I can't even see the suppossedly and usual enb 3 or 4 lines in the right left of my screen.


Reserve Team
This mod is awesome,but i get some lag,so i have to stop using it,i play on gtx460m i believe my computer can handle it,please help me with this lg,thank you