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Borussia Dortmund 2013-14 CL home kit

RX3 file


Oh and tits.
Bro, I love your kits. Thanks for them.

I have this request if you don't mind. Would you make Hertha Berlin kits? I need them-actually, want them- in your style. If you do...please, make the underarms and turtle/high neck, in white(on the home and away) with your sponsor logos that you put on the nike/adidas.

Also, I'd suggest you to update your... Atletico kits-blue underarms/highneck(home)+yellow(away) and Porto- white(home). If you wish...


Starting XI
Thanks for the comments!

@ÉderDias: I use the 3D kit shapes in PS and apply the logos via merging. Before doing so, you'll have to convert the Rhino files into dae's and import them into PS.

@poet11: Hertha is on my pile and should be released soon. Below are the sleeves/necks with different colours. Simply copy them into the kit images.

Manchester United 2013-14 kits



GK 1

GK 2

RX3 files