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HoppyJoe's Faces


Senior Squad
Chris0123;3849554 said:
Thanks a lot!

ajdo16;3849557 said:

SUPERVERITECH;3849558 said:
A standing ovation is due for this one... BRAVO!

anasie10;3849563 said:
Nice pack

ronaldokg;3849561 said:
Thanks master...

Rubicon;3849566 said:

jeetmusic;3849575 said:

maradonalopez;3849578 said:
nice face man! thanks :)

krls1406;3849595 said:
Amazing pack Man! Thank you so much!

vargax;3849601 said:
This is a great pack! thanks

vojasrbin;3849642 said:
Just awesome!

SlimOntario2033;3849702 said:
one of your best pack!

Elgar;3849710 said:
What a pack, bro! Great stuff there!

oh seung jin;3849726 said:
great pack
thanks mate^^

Thanks for the feedback :D, Love it! :33vff3o::33vff3o:

esQzme;3849782 said:
thanks for the pack Hoppy, but what happened to Lens tattoo? it was amazing, can you please release it ?

Daym totally forgot about it! Here is the file :)


Club Supporter
Hi Mate,

Could you tell me how I add Oxford to my database so I can get his face you made? I'm struggling.



Reserve Team
Finally someone did it.. also maybe take care of the other guy who wants N'Jie? Since ajdo's version lack a good hair, maybe update his. Great work on Cornet btw!