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iard68 FIFA 13 Tools


Reserve Team
Bavar1;3376307 said:
Nice tool but how can I regenerate the the files from Creation Studio 13 with your regenerator? I dont understand italian..

For the "italian" problem...
you can simply click on the italian flag...
to magically swap
to english... spanish and polish!!!

How you can regenerate...
click on the go button,
normally, by leaving all default settings.
If you experience problems,
try to put all the buttons in green.

Ciaoooo! :)


Club Supporter
i have a problem.. when i try to regenerate files an error shows that says fifafs-win.exe has encountered a problem.. has anyone face this before?


Club Supporter
First time using this.

Ok so say I download one of the stadiums from Twich's post. how to I add it to fifa?

He said in his post that he used i68regenerator, Just dont want to mess anything up.



Reserve Team
iard68, do you know how to export renereators from cm 12 or fm12 like stand alone programs that regenerators regen corectly minifaces ? thanks in advance


Club Supporter

my Regenerator wont start up at all no error is give nothing it shows up in my task manager but then disappears there is no error or anything so im not sure whats wrong with it... any suggestions?


Youth Team
Please help me with minifaces! I've FIFA 13 Expansion Patch v1.3 and regenerate using i68Regenerator UL 3.2.0. But minifaces are wrong... I tried Fifa13 i68Regenerator UL 3.1.0 - the same... What I must do???
Thanks for help!


Reserve Team
Yes I know...
program doesn't works with minifaces...
and it's a lucky coincidence that I've read!

I have already resolved this issue...
but, in this season of the year, I never have time
to update the programs ... for everyone :(

You need to wait the release of the 3.3 version:
to do all right, it takes several hours and I do not know when to find them ...



Club Supporter
how to fix this error? please help me !


Club Supporter
iard68;3314485 said:
Fifa13 i68Regenerator

Author: iard68
Current Version: 3.2.0
Date: 26/12/12

i68Regenerator is a simple and user friendly tool to rebuild EASports Fifa
Series indexes (.BH) files.

Application takes care of your modding work: this means that chosing the
appropriate option, new BH files will not contain references to all files you
have edited and stored directly in folders, also when original files is even
contained in your BIG archives!

Due to the file management that is becoming more and more complex
and it becomes necessary to intervene on many archives, located in
different folders, I added the ability to choose which files to work on and
which do not... The program will remember your choices and will suggest
them, next time, as default.

From this year, you can delete the references for specific groups of files:
it is an opportunity that will prove useful for those who want to play online
with the graphic changes compatible, but, above all, it will save a lot of
time to those who are used to edit many files, that will not have to re-run
anymore, the complete process of updating.

i68Regenerator speaks now english, italian, spanish and polish!
Because of the difficulties in dealing with non-Western characters,
I had to give up to add non-European languages. I'm sorry!
Webmasters who wish to add other languages (Roman alphabet), may use
the template file attached to the program to translate the strings from
english, and send it (with the logo of the site, better...) to me! Within a few
days, I will return one new version of the program that will use the new
language as default.

By clicking the right mouse button, you can set any path as new main
game folder. This option is useful for those who love to play in several ways,
with more than one version installed at the same time, allowing them to
rebuild the indexes correctly and independently for each version.

Now, is available a new special version "autorun" specially designed for modders
who want to distribute the program, together with their work.
Once launched, this version will run the complete process of regeneration
and synchronization of the indexes and then will close automatically.

Project was developed under Microsoft Windows 7 operating system
and also tested succesfully with the old good Microsoft Windows XP!
I have many good reasons to believe that it can works also on Vista...
and Windows 8!

The great FifaFS Tool by Mania Software is used to
perform operations. All documentation is included according to the
author's rules and there is no better opportunity than this, to express all
my personal gratitude for this fantastic job that, from many years (even!!!),
allows the whole fifa community to enjoy editing the game easily.

As always, many thanks to fifamania.it for it's great
modding projects, software and patches distribution.
Special thanks to my friends outsider87 (Fabio)
ac12 (Carlo) and fifaccitiu (Antonio), for their valuable, timely
cooperation and debug work.

Final notes

As always, Fifa13 i68Regenerator is freeware and is provided 'as-is',
without any expressed or implied warranty. In no event, shall the author be
liable for any claim, damages or other liability, due to the use of this software.

Enjoy!! :-)


2.1.1 - last public version for Fifa12
2.1.2 - final version for Fifa12
- fixed bug that prevented the correct selection of archives

3.0.0 - first version for Fifa13
3.0.1 - improved the function of self-recognition of the game
- enabled patch files (ea) working
- bugs optimization
3.0.2 - introduced error handling for files occupied by other processes
- added new option to synchronize references for faces files only
- bugs optimization
3.1.0 - ultimate version for Fifa13
- added the autorun functionality
- improved the 'manual search' function of the game path
- bugs optimization
3.1.1 - full support for windows 8
- added spanish language (thanks and full credits to CoBox [PFC])
- added polish language (thanks and full credits to Morpheus)

3.2.0 - new improvements to the function of self-recognition of the game
- bugs optimization

I Already Use CROWD Tool And Enable It...But When I Open My FIFA 13 Nothing Change....Help Me....And How To Regenarate Using This Tool ?