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Italian Fifamania Superpatch 09!!!


Club Supporter
Ok so the download works now but when I try to start FIFA, it closes and says "FIFA09.exe has stopped working". What do I do?

Outsider 87

Starting XI
MokBull;2668820 said:
Ok so the download works now but when I try to start FIFA, it closes and says "FIFA09.exe has stopped working". What do I do?
I think you did not have a fresh installation of FIFA 09 before installing the Superpatch.

stephen tinh

Club Supporter
I have a problem...without league table and miniface .... that's why? :blush:
help me, Outsider 87

do not league table....-> must exit windows

do not miniface


Youth Team
crack fix it...

i had the same problem...i got do the end of the season and i could not go far there :innocent_smile_1:the resolve was the crack from the internet(fix it) (Y)and i have the original game...:)
outsider87,you said that you didn't meet these problem...so...;)


Club Supporter
Thanks. But when I play with an Italian club, some leftovers form your patch are still there and I can't see the ball at all (nor the stadium, for that matter). What do I do?

Thx for your patience.


Club Supporter
Outsider 87;2644972 said:

What it allows?

It allows to:
1) add real fixtures of the league like the other calendar Evo version
2) play with a 2nd team like the other version
3) Fix Double Teams (UCL/Uefa) of Superpatch careers (every year)
4) Add UCL in the first year to Superpatch careers
5) Fix the problem of winner UCL not playing WCC, but it fixes only on the careeer, no db editing! This is particularly reccomended to those who are playing with careers started before update3
6) New: Morphine option. It decreases to 0 the players fatigue, it deletes cards and injuries, it increases to 99 all players morale.

NOTE: Like the old version, the tool works only with FIFA closed and only with Net Framework installed.
NOTE2: The tool works well with Superpatch, but the 1st, 2nd and 6th options can be used also with a not-SP db.
NOTE3: Given that the Europe League (ex Uefa) structure is different in Superpatch (because it is based upon 09/10 formula), the tool does not allow you to add Uefa Cup in the first year!


Is there a seperate patch wich create the actual Europa League 2009/2010 in the career ?



Club Supporter
Hi Outsider, around how long do I normally have to wait for the transition of one season to the other? I used this patch before and I kept on losing hope in that area because sometimes it takes me so long. :( Can I minimize Fifa while waiting for it or should I just sit tight? thanks!

Outsider 87

Starting XI
Unfortunately the time depends on your PC configuration and you CANNOT minimize it or the game will freeze or even crash. By the way, with a Pentium 4 and 2 Gb of RAM I never waited more than 3 minutes ;)


Youth Team
I'am from Ukraine, but i very love italian teams and italian football. Thank you very much for very good patch Outsider87.

Can you make UPDATE 4 and add to the rest of the World: Lokomotiv Moscow, Spartak Moscow, Dinamo Moscow and CSKA Moscow (teams from Russia)?
And if you can, please, make Donbass Arena for Shakhtar Donetsk (new fantastic stadium).