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RobbieD_PL;3976000 said:
Can anyone make the following kits for Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan?

I would prefer to have the tennis-ball colour GK kit for Kyrgyzstan.

These kits are old. Montenegro too.


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It would be pretty neat if someone was able to make kits for the lower English leagues (eg. National League, Isthmian League). I know this sounds more like a mod, but I think it would be really cool. If needed, I can look for pictures of the kits.


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Can anyone make this fantasy Quebec kit? It's modelled on the old adidas style, like Belgium 2015.

This is the fleur-de-lis symbol on the shirt:

This is the logo of the Quebec Soccer Federation:

The away kit inverts the blue and white colours on the kit. The logo and the flag on the sleeve stays the same.


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Can anyone make kits for Sapmi (Lapland)? I have a roster of 23 players and this is how the kits look:

Here are the shorts:

And this is a photo of the away kit:

GK Kit is all black with white-red-white socks:

If the kit maker can remove NordicBet (NSFW; gambling...) and on the away kit, make the space where the number goes white instead of the four lines and to cover up the front NordicBet text with the four coloured stripes, that will be great.

Also, if it's possible too to put the word SAPMI below the number on the back (but above the stripes on the away kit) - that will also be great too.


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scouser09;3978877 said:
I have the home, away and GK for the women's team. The sponsor is different though. Are you making the team?
Not exactly, I want to start a new career and I'm just looking for the visual things..

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can me made this as rx3 for fifa 16 in this size?
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