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LFC 2009/2010 3rd kit

Hi, I hope that's the right thread ;) Without misleading title.

If I can have a request, we would ask you guys for last season's Liverpool european kit - the white one. I hope there would be someone so acodating ;)

Here are some photos and links.

(F10 kit)
As I don't have antything at the moment, both kit and mini would be fantastic. I was just wondering about the sponsor. Carlsberg or the new one Standard Chartered, both would be great.

Also, maybe someone may take a look here: for Basque Country kit.

Thank you all in advance.


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Chelsea Home 2009/2010

You don't have to do the mini for it, the kit alone would be much appreciated :), CAN ANYONE DO THIS PLEASE??!?!!?


Oh and tits.
can anyone make fantasy man utd kits.stylish fashionable like adidas sponsored kits are.replace AON with BWIN.Milan and real madrid type collar


Youth Team

I have played 3 seasons now with liverpool in manager mode, and i think it is time for a change of kit!its 2013 in my game and i think we gave the fans value for money from the current kit!

Would someone be able to make me some fantasy kits for me? maybe same sponsers, but new designs,

If there are any other fantasy kits i could use for other EPL clubs that would be great, just to give the game a fresh look!