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Mago Valdivia

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Without further ado, here are my first kits for FIFA 14...

Fantasy Kits
Manchester United Adidas

"Fusion" Kits (these are fantasy, but I take elements from previous kits and merge them into one)

English Premiership
Manchester United (Full Kit pack: 4 Home + 3 Away + Third + 3 GK)
Manchester United (New Third Kit)
Tottenham Hotspur

14-15 Kits

English Premiership

Chelsea Home (EPL, UCL and alternate home socks)

Leaked Kits

Chile 2014 World Cup Kits (Home and Away)

Netherlands 2014 World Cup Kits (Home and Away)

Classic Kits
Manchester United 1958 (Home and GK)

Mago Valdivia

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Manchester United "Fusion" Kits

I took elements from previous United kits to make a single set, and this is what I got, hope you like it

Home Jersey

Home Shocks

Away Jersey

Away Shocks

Third Jersey

Third Shocks

Goalie Home Jersey

Goalie Home Shocks

Download Full Kitpack

4 Home Kit Versions (Red-White-Black; Red-White-White; Red-Black-White and Red-Black-Black)

3 Away Kit Versions (White-Black-White; All-White and White-Black-Black)

3 GK Kit Versions (All-Green; All-Blue and Yellow-Black-Yellow)

UCL, UEL versions and bumps for all kits included

Revolution Mod Codes (for the kits to work properly)
assignKitDetails(11,0,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,7) --Home
assignKitDetails(11,6,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,7) --Home v2
assignKitDetails(11,7,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,1,-1,7) --Home v3
assignKitDetails(11,8,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,1,-1,7) --Home v4
assignKitDetails(11,1,-1,"0D0C0D",-1,-1,2,1,-1,0) --Away
assignKitDetails(11,4,-1,"0D0C0D",-1,-1,2,2,-1,0) --Away v2
assignKitDetails(11,9,-1,"0D0C0D",-1,-1,2,1,-1,0) --Away v3
assignKitDetails(11,3,-1,"D5D9D5",-1,-1,1,1,-1,0) --Third
assignKitDetails(11,37,-1,"0D0C0D",-1,-1,2,1,-1,-1) --GK2 (Yellow)

--Domestic Matches
assignGameKit(11,19,11,1,9) [email protected] Ham (disable if you have 9th kit enabled in your database)
assignGameKit(11,1792,11,2,31) [email protected]
assignGameKit(11,11,1792,2,31) --vs Norwich (@Old Trafford)
assignGameKit(11,1799,11,2,37) [email protected] Crystal Palace

--International Matches
assignGameKit(11,78,11,2,37) [email protected]


Youth Team
Fusion kits are a great idea and are really welcome as they, if done correctly, bring something unusual... And I'll say this again: these, trust me, are just class! :)

Mago Valdivia

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Here's a new third kit (or fourth kit if you prefer), which I'm using for my second CM season as domestic third kit and european away

(This shorts are already included in the previous link)


Revolution Mod Codes
assignKitDetails(11,10,-1,"D5D9D5",-1,-1,1,2,-1,-1) --Third (Black) v2
assignGameKit(11,106,11,3,10) [email protected] (don't add this code if you enabled 10th kit in your database)

Mago Valdivia

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Chile 2014 World Cup Kits (Leaked)


Home Jersey (Collar Number 9)

Home Shorts (not sure if they're gonna be like this, as I made them just to complete the kit pack)

Home Alternate Shorts

Away Jersey (Collar Number 0)

Away Shorts (same story as the home ones :rofl:)

Away Alternate Shorts