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Manchester United Thread [2007/2008]

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Senior Squad
Great win for us today, and finally we scored a lot of goals, Anderson is beginning to show what he can do, Pique and Simpson are turning into great prospects for the future and the partnership between Tevez and Rooney is starting to click


Simpson provided a great cross for the last goal.

Tevez and Ronaldo were again amazing.

We were just excuisite in te 2nd Half and it's great to see so many goals after so many days.

But still we were not in top form.Just imagine when we hit our top form what will happen.



Fan Favourite
Great result and i'm happy to see that our back-up players did well as well as Ronaldo, Rooney and Tevez. Anybody see Ronaldo's pass while he was lying on his ass in the box?

Unfortunately good comes with a bit of bad as well, as we are now very short in cover in pretty much every department. Hopefully Vidic is not too badly injuried and will be back in a few days, his cheeck swell pretty bad. And Saha, man, again an injury.


Team Captain
We need a fourth striker please. And Anderson showed his glimpses of quality. That's what happens when you play with quality and not players like ... uh nevermind.


Senior Squad
Pique looked better at CB position and hope simpson gets more chances. Great win though.... tevez showed real compsure on the 1st goal. Anderson played well especially after his assist. He grew in confidence.


Youth Team
i thought all the stand ins today were great, simpson did very well getting forward and defending. i thought tevez was sensational his workrate was amazing.

nice to high an international break too. vidic is concusion so he'll be back soon johnno just got a dead dead so thats cool. as for sick note **** knows when he'll be back.... no suprise there tho


Big Daddy
1966+2006;2414427 said:
Vidic was concussed but still played for a while. What a player (Y) .

You could see he was trying to convince Fergie to leave him on - but the doctor said it was too risky.

At last United reached something resembling their best play. I have to admit early on when we lost Saha, Vida and O'Shea (and Brown) I wasn't expecting a performance like that. But the young guys really stepped up today, Pique looked comfortable and assured at the back, Simpson had a great debut - brilliant cross for Rooney and Anderson looks like he's settling in to the team (admittedly this was his EPL debut) spraying passes and linking the play.

Ronaldo was on fire, Rooney bagged another - but the star for me was Carlos, he must have covered every blade of grass on the OT pitch this afternoon. He was everywhere hounding, harrying and tackling and his goal summed his day up nicely.

Nani created danger when he came on as well, so yeah lots of positives despite the continuing casualty list. I'm glad the young guys had a display like that after being slaughtered over the Carling Cup match.

What made it extra sweet was all the people on Sky Sports Soccer Saturday saying "United would struggle to match Arsenal (in passing and decisive football) and would take time to reach top form and batter someone. And no strength in depth blah blah".

We aren't there yet, but we're definately closer than we've been this season.
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