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Manchester United Thread [2007/2008]

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Big Daddy
MiCk_10;2412835 said:
one word.anderson

Anderson would be too identical in terms of role to Paul Scholes, we need a holding midfielder - and yeah it will probably be O'Shea. Anderson is far too attack minded to be a holding player. Pique I think might be on the list too.


Senior Squad
Anderson seemed more of an out an out AM who likes to dribble, can't see him tracking back and making tackles and leaving Scholes to do the defensive work in midfield is a recipe for disaster, O'shea is the only realistic option.


Senior Squad
chiboygeorge;2413283 said:
Nani - Anderson - Pique - Ronaldo wont be a bad Midfield

Yeah of course...thats beacuse it isnt a "midfield" :eek:

we will more likely see this

Ronaldo - O shea - Scholes - Giggs/Nani

Injuries suck :kader:


Big Daddy
According to teamtalk.com There is a real possibility of Anderson standing in for Carrick alongside Scholes. That would be a very attack minded midfield, especially with Rooney dropping deep. I assume Saha will start so we will have an out and out striker at the start this time.

Obviously I'm betting Wigan will go five across the middle and try to stifle us - but with Ronaldo hitting form and Rooney not far off, coupled with Saha getting to 100% we should have enough to breach them. Of course it suits us better if Wigan come out to attack us, and we can hit on the counter with pace.

I'm looking forward to seeing Anderson, but would understand if the boss goes with O'Shea to give more balance defensively.

I'm gonna go optimistic and say 3-0 to us. Although another 1-0 would not surprise me at all.


Fan Favourite
i really can't see Anderson starting with Scholes. We all thought a Carrick Scholes combination wouldn't be strong enough in terms of defensive abilities...


Starting XI
There is no doubt that O'Shea will pair with Scholesy in the middle. Fergie is cautious and he will not test Anderson from the start yet.


Reserve Team
are you serious or just kidding?
i didnt expect him to screw himself up until after international duty with france

could be oshea on RB and pique on DMC
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