[MOD] Revolution Mod '14


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And also this??.....

Bruno Passarelli

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I just now saw this post.

I've recently been obsessed with football kits, and as a fan of GIGGIRIVA's Classic Patch, I'd be really excited if we could have short shorts in FIFA 14. I've even amatuerishly (the only way I know how:innocent_smile_1:) tried to make it work myself:

but the deleted part became black in the game.

Now, does anyone know how I could use the file (shorts_1_0.rx3) linked in the quote? And whether it works in the game?
Hey man! I don't know if you have already found your answer, but there is a way of using shorter shorts in Classic Patch 14 with only low socks players (during cold and/or night games) having that black stripe/shadow in their tights. Call me in private.


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hello sorry if I disturb you I'm trying to eliminate the undershorts through the rev mod14, I go in the lua folder, assigniment and in the general I put these 3 lines
they don't work. Could you help me?


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Hello everyone, can someone tell me how to make some players wear gloves even during an overcast weather for example Riyad Mahrez plz


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Anyway to activate kit overlays I have the files in the correct folder and have installed the mod but still no


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Still d
Read the files inside docs folder from the archive!!! There are explained step by step installation and using the tool!!!
Still didn't work Imma try installing the new 21/22 mod and see if it works after it comes out.

Silva Mega

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Guys, next, I made a change in the file: settings, in the compdata folder. I changed the value from 0,rule_numsubsmatch,3 to 0,rule_numsubsmatch,5, however, it only worked in simulations, there are still 3 substitutions in the game. Does anyone know if I need to make any other changes, or is there really no way to change from 3 to 5 replacements?