OFFICIAL Transfers 2007-2008


Senior Squad
Djibril Cissé (FC Liverpool) -> Olympique Marseille (9 Mio €)



El Gran DT
Thats a surprise, good move for Guardado he can start his european experience with a mid table tema with lees presure

Back Door Skip

Staff member
Good deal. Although I thought that PSV were the front runners to get him. Either way, I think it's a great move. As Mauricio said, no pressure because he's in a mid-table team. And he can grow at his own pace, possibly linking him to bigger clubs after a few seasons. He's really promising, and really needed to make the move to Europe.

Hopefully more Mexican players are able to make the move. There's a lot of rumors of players moving, but it always seems like they're just that - rumors. So a real move is good to hear. And hopefully players like Magallon, Ochoa, Arce, Castro and even Medina can make a move abroad.