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Paulv2k4 Gameplay Mod


Youth Team
Paulv2k4’s FIFA 13 Gameplay Mod/Patch -29/08/2013

Version 3.0 is a overhaul of the previous versions. Looking at simplifying what I have found and explaining useful settings.



• Slow build up play
• Rewarding sense of game play
• AI Passing and Dribbling adjustments
• Ball physics are looser and less easy to control
• Obvious difference in Team styles and Player Individuality

[3.0 BETA 3]
• Avoidance changes - tackling and pressuring changes

- Default sliders. (ALL 50)
- Legendary difficulty
- Pos: Run Frequency: 70
- Pos: Line Length: 40
- Pos: Line Width: 45
- Pos: Fullback: 70
- Legendary difficulty
- Half length 6-7 Minutes (12-15 min games)

• Extract the product.ini file to the FIFA 13 -> Game folder
• Rebuild files using Fifa 13 i68Regenerator (found here)
• Delete product.ini
• Rebuild files using Fifa 13 i68Regenerator (found here)


• This mod will replace all other AI specific mods but not the databases (db files)
• This mod is compatible with all saved career modes
• This mod is compatible with all single-player game modes.
• This mod is NOT compatible with all multi-player / online game modes.

[My Thanks and Respects To (CREDITS)]
• My friends who helped test these values and see some serious bugs along our career game.
• Iard68 for the i68Regenerator
• Other Gameplay mod creators
• Thanks Soccer Gaming forum members for your input (RC, Bangus, Exocyst, Bendit, AP21, Danger-Boy)

/=== All Versions ===/

Download from My SkyDrive


Senior Squad
Would you please upload it to mediafire or another mirror?
Gamefront mirror didn't work for me. (i got an error : 403 - forbidden)


Youth Team
I added my personal website to the download links for you guys. Weird as GameFront works for some people.


Youth Team
Yep same here, top link doesnt work and the other a product ini file with loads of empty folders

Yeah sorry I left the empty folders ready for the next version. I re-uploaded to my personal website without the empty folders.


Club Supporter
where have to go now the product.ini

Fifa 13 game folder or just the fifa folder

What u exactly mean with (not the game folder)?


Starting XI
Necro19;3335795 said:
where have to go now the product.ini

Fifa 13 game folder or just the fifa folder

What u exactly mean with (not the game folder)?
Goes in the FIFA 13 / Game folder, then regenerate.


Youth Team
In the readme file telling that you copy this into the main folder of fifa, but i do what did you say bangus. Btw, let's give it a try. Thanks


Youth Team
jeffboon97;3336207 said:
Reduce the stupid mistake rate? :/ Too much I think.

Like jeffboon said, try to reduce the "stupidity" level of each side players. My goalkeeper get the ball into hes hands and he pass off hes own box ... :facepalm: I never see something like that before. Btw, i see the shoot level its more better than the original version of fifa, more shoots and not that 100% level of passes inside or outside of my box. I cant see any else major change. Ok i play just 1 game and the only one change its that i told you. Ill be back with more comments about your patch. Cya