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Revolta Mod to FIFA 23


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Hello I'm back with Revolta Mod to FIFA 23. It's a continuation of FIFA 22 Mod that gathered some interest. Now is World Cup time so my first step is World Cup Addon. Contains selected 53 players from all 32 countries on World Cup. It's Ultimate Team lookalike, players will get upgraded for their performances. Unlike EA my players are all having real faces, tattoos, correct boots and will be upgraded not only with their stats, skills, whatnot, but also with assets! Hopefully you like it. Soon my addon will be also in IEM and maybe in EEP(I try to make it as open-source as possible to allow it). Good luck to your countries on WC and hope you guys try my mod, maybe it's not big, but at least it's clinical(that's what she said)!

What is Revolta Mod?
Revolta Mod is a FIFA 23 Mod that adds many iconic players from past and present that had great careers. They are created with attention to detail, using best possible assets and research.

Why is it even created?
The point is that often even greatest teams have worse players, so let's focus on the best players and even multiple moments of their careers with different versions of themselves. Same way you gathered some Panini stickers or cards in FUT, the same is my approach on creating players to Revolta Mod!

Where in game can I find added content?
For now you can find them in special teams located in Indian League and play with them in Career Mode.

What also contains the Mod?
Also the Mod contains classic boots, balls that you can use on any other player or match. Currently there is World Cup going on, so as a biggest football tournament in Mod there are many players playing in real Qatari stadiums again with big attention to details and progression upgrades.

How to install?
Same as any other mod. Extract the Squads file into your My Documents/FIFA 23/settings folder. Use FIFA Mod Manager to install .fifamod files included. Place them in correct order and voila, you are done and all set to start playing!
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WC Addon Base content(you can check all assets in the bottom Mod Database button):

  • 105 players - unique versions of Icons, WC players, FIFA All-Stars and many more with correct appearance(incl. tattoos and heads), stats, names, numbers and minipics
  • 6 balls - correlated to World Cups and big tournaments or just iconic ones from latest seasons
  • 33 boots - all used by players, including classics and new ones
  • 3 teams - Revolta Classics and 2 WC teams with full kits and setup so you can put them anywhere you want in career!
  • Baggy Mesh - fun innovation done by putting Volta kit as playable kit mesh, making it possible to remake iconic baggy kits from 90-00s

WC Addon is finally here! With a month of my extended work and basically spending all free time on this project I finally managed to finish all base and I am able to present to you my WC approach. Base version means the players are created as for beginning of the tournament. Hosts already are out, but I hope you will have fun with those teams. Upgrades will be released very soon. Many players deserve them already, but don't worry I keep tracking all of them. :)

In my plans I have fixing bugs with 2 heads, updating players look when their teams get eliminated and many other things depending on how it goes. After the tournament I think there will be time to remake my assets and keep on other projects including finding ways to convert stuff. Also I want to make help making some tournaments with Revolta Mod, as it will be part of IEM!

Mod available in English and Polish.

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oops I'm trying to talk about these files here that there is no option to configure blender


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Hello, exciting mod and I look forward to new updates with more players and teams.
just wondering where did you find that robben face? did you make it?