[RPL 10] Russian Premier-League, 1st and 2nd divisions 2010 patch


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Someone, after install Russia Patch, ingame is crashes. I think cause is file fifa.fat is big, (often its capacity is 293KB).

If you meet program, You can use :

pirlo8805;2864234 said:
I'm from China.I found an unlimited exe in a forum in China.I have uploaded in filefront.I'm not sure whether it works well,you can test it.I hope it can help you.http://www.filefront.com/16374805/FIFA10-UnlimitedFat.exe

Copy file UnlimitedFat.exe in root forder install FF10.


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great stadium(pantikapey-THE BEST) ..inRPL 10 vol2 !!!!!!....BAD...1 division missing kit and minikit 2010 MORE TEAM...and more missing division 2 team-ex-(TORPEDO Moskva )


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Face Pack in Russia Patch

Today, I share for everyone Face pack that I export from Russia Patch(By Fifachamp.net Team).

This pack include 365 face is maked by Face maker :

Aleksej Mal'chihin (INFERNO)
Aleksandr Rumjancev (DelNeri)
Andrej Solov'jov (andrey01925)
Aleksej Hrulev (AMiKAR)
Jaroslav Mahnenko (RiseUp)
Maksim Pestrikov (NightFire)
Aleksandr Janchenko (Crazy)
Sergej Korchagin (Knuckles)
Sergej Presnjakov (T90)
David Ahmetzjanov (Minato)
Dmitrij Koljada (KamBall™)
Aleksandr Gavrish (StealtHon)
Artur Bagishyan (ArthoS)
Mihail Kol'bus (See5kY)
Igor' Popovich (Cigorini)
Dmitrij Lisin (FOXLISIN)
Kirill Markov (Dikobraz)

Face List :

Link download : 128MB

1. Mediafire
2.4Share : soon


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How do I get the menu in English? I followed all the steps and the commentary is in English now but the menu is still in Russian.

Anyways, awsome patch


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Anyone know where I can get the Russian Premier league and also the 1st division in a CMP?? I don't need the menus and all that extra stuff just the leagues and the kits, flags, and formations is fine. Thanks in advance!!


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Hello everybody, could someone reupload the 2.2 fix? Becuase I am not able to download it from narod.ru :((( FileFront would be appreciated :)


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the best patch in the world !.....FANTASTIK STADIUM+ the best gameplay....the best pantikapey,stingray,tima+fifachamp.net


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Stingray, ты можешь экспортировать стадионы факела, ростова и балтики


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Why after installing this patch and 2.2 -update there is only Russian premier league available. No 1st and 2nd division or anything.

And in addition: the english db link and the link for 2.5 update do not work. Please update.


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fifa 10...+russian comentary(fifasoccer.ru)....RPL 2.0....RPL up-date 2.5(fifachamp.net-forum(rpl 2.0..up-date 2.5)...+cinematic patch ......and play this SUPER patch...i like more stadium good quality(made pantikapey and stingray)