SG Utd 2010 Screenshot Showoff


Reserve Team
I'm actually playing?!?!!? Holy $#!+

fender;2911717 said:
1st leg against Man City almost pulled off an upset

Not to fear SG United got the job done at home. :bob: Arsenal in the final.

That's right! That's right I got the winner! :bob: Take that CITEH!!!!

Actually, I'm just shocked I'm even getting playing time in anybody's game!:bouncy:

Daz and fender...many thanks!


Fan Favourite
The screenshot is still bugging, but just wanted to brag a little, just beat Liverpool in the 4th round of the League Cup 2-0 with Filipower scoring both of the goals. (H)


Fan Favourite
Couldn't pull it off, lost 3-1 and 2-1, but I've got another cup run going. I just defeated Arsenal 2-1 in the 5th round of the FA Cup. One time!


Fan Favourite
Faced Man United in the next round, and couldn't quite beat them. No biggie, I'll get my revenge next season, 'cause I got promoted to the EPL! (H)


Starting XI
:( back from my internship voyage.

So yep Im officially downloading this patch since I couldn't play when my wonderful friends from sg released it. Upon leaving on my internship to Princeton. Hopefully I can redeem myself. :( now god I felt like a PoW at a Bosnian camp.

p.s. ADDICITION MODE ON (H) FM that is!


Starting XI
Filipower;2989730 said:
Cool man I hope all went good, welcome back (Y)

Yep thanks fili now my externship is coming up! -_- I got offers to go to Genoa, Italy or Valencia, Spain. Maybe I can just hop on a train and meet up to go see a football match in Europe. (my soon to come true childhood dream) But while I wait till May-June. Cheers fili!!!! lol

p.s. Love New Jersey just the snow and driving 8| not my cup of tea to be honest.


Starting XI
ShiftyPowers;2898402 said:
First move was to make myself captain. Everyone is delighted except this dick. Typical Dutch arrogance (H)

How Ruuddddddddd!!! (H)

can't seriously wait for sg 12!!! Im actually going to reconsider switching my position from striker back to RB. :(
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