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SoccerGaming FTP Corner


Club Supporter
Originally posted by Awax
I've just updated the host sg-corner.ath.cx
It was down and I didnt know it.

Please let me know if something isnt working, by telling me clearly whats the problem.

I can't seem to get that address to load. The previous one loads fine (http://sg-corner.blogsite.org) are they the same?

Also do you know exactly what these files are before I download?

W11W Patch.zip 82,649,088
Japanese Commentary JamesINCaliitbetter work.rar 132,800,276
170demo_goal_snd.rar 23,707,132

Thankyou for your help and server. :D


Senior Squad
hey, is it my problem or is the server transferring rate very slow?
i m downloading a file and it is only 40-50 k/s. but i have already used Flashget to download.

when i downloaded the file on Angelfire, it was >100 k/s.

anyway, it is great to have a FTP server :D


Senior Squad
Originally posted by Evoman
Yep, now that works better lol. Will you be able to upload your game? :p
Yes, but I am out of form lately, so if you want a quality movie, you better wait some days :D


Senior Squad
It's ok, but people (brilliant ones) will try to download your file via http then they will throw 1500 private message telling me that my site is unstable..

I hope you'll give them the ftp link.


Senior Squad

For those having problems downloading over 30 to 50kbps on the host, it will be fixed in 72 hours. It was a problem with my ISP's router. You'll be able to download at more than 200 after that.

Be patient ;)