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Senior Squad
The ftp is still down, I changed my whole pc and I didn't have the time to set it up yet.

It shouldn't be too long. Thanks for waiting.


Youth Team
Waiting to uploaded the Pro Evolution Soccer Compilation, 47 mins long and in SVCD format so u can burn it and enjoy on ur TV set.

It will be called:


Senior Squad
Whats wrong dude. It's up. I've rebooted the box twice yesterday, maybe you tried during that time. Anyway, it's up.


Club Supporter
I am uploading a video compilation, however there was a minor glitch. I made a new folder in the videos section to place my compilation in, then was not able to rename the folder. It is in videos/newfolder. Thank you very much for the space.

I am going to make a new thread in the game footage section advertising it. If and when you rename the folder please let me know by pm or by posting the new link in the thread I am about to create. Thanks!