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Still Champions of Europe [2013-14]

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Chacarita Juniors

The artist formerly known as ronnifan9
Mandieta6;3682678 said:
Haha, I'll bait, who's this Mexican? Davila sucked balls.
Man, Davila was a complete bust.

Manchester United was scouting this kid Damm a while back. He had a tryout with them but that was it. He was too raw then and still is now, especially his physique. Scrawny looking mofo. One of his best qualities is his blazing speed.




Red Card - Life
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Not sure how I feel about this. I don't like Cesc, I'm not sure we needed him, but he's clearly very talented and could possibly fix a hole I've been begging the team to patch up for years now. Guess we'll have to see when pre-season starts.


Starting XI
He looks really strange in a Chelsea kit, it's probably going to take a long time for me to get used to it. Even van Persie and Mata looked more natural in a Utd kit when they first joined us.

Anyway you got yourself a quality player. Some Chelsea fans aren't really that fond of him (i believe it will change though), but him in a double pivot next to Matić, with Hazard, Oscar, Willian and Diego Costa in front on them doesn't look bad at all on paper, i'd say.
certain players you don't pass up on when available, especially when you havea 1st option and they will significantly improve team that are already stronger than you.
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