The Wolf 2005 Evolution Patch PES4 PC - Full Release

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Originally posted by randar
For people who have crash problems after installing this patch it is because of the new balls and the TnL graphical requirements on your PC. For 95% of people who have issues, this is solved using a program called 3D analyzer.

Make sure you're using DirectX 9 or higher (from Microsoft website but you should have it anyway). Here's a guide by 'misiki' from Soccer Gaming:

1. open 3d-analyze, click 'select' PES4.exe ex)Programfiles\konami\Pro Evolution Soccer 4\

emulate hw tnl caps
force sw tnl
force 16bit zbuffer 'RUN'

i didn't check "force 16bit zbuffer" and game works perfectly.(H) game finally stop crashing..i agree with u turn off force 16 zbuffer.


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Alrighty then, found an Xbox version with some stuff. But it isn't as complete as this.


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Hey you know the crashes that people have been experiencing are they reboots as my system has been rebooting when playing the game. I am going to use 3d analyser but can someone answer the question so that I know whether its the fault of the balls from the patch or maybe something to do with the latest drivers or the hardware i have.

UPDATE: I am using 3d analyser now but the graphics are completly buggered. I have checked the things correctly but it seems to have severe graphical problems.


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wolf or someone else, how do you lock the shop again and reduce the pes points down to 0. Does the option file with this patch have these things.


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Originally posted by kisling
wolf or someone else, how do you lock the shop again and reduce the pes points down to 0. Does the option file with this patch have these things.

Yep, go to PESFan and download their editor. It has an option to relock all the shop items.


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Thanks Wolf, great job your doing with PES4. I have yet to download your new patch but do the embedded kits now get rid of the problems in training where kits change every now and then. Also is it possible to extract the balls names so that you don't have to have the new menu backgrounds i.e. you have the original, but you get the proper ball names.



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The Wolf there are a little bug on your Pack, the short number on England is Blue not Red.

Could you fix it for next version ??


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Hey Wolf, it seems that the kits inserted directly in the 0_text.afs suffer from that decrease in the quality when you see them not to close and not to far, middle range.
The second version of kitserver fixed that.
So, did i miss something where you guys already talked about this? Or it is like i'm saying? Kitserver is still the better option for full quality of the kits ingame?



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you can still use kitserver from previous version if you want to, it should work well
I personally can't see many differences so I'll stick with normal ones


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Originally posted by Isaac123
I am sorry!
I can't find "Save batch file" button after opening 3D analyzer v2.34.

you can also make it by yourself, create text file and paste in it:
"D:\Gry\3danalyzer-v23\3DAnalyze.exe" /EXE=D:\Gry\Pro Evolution Soccer 4\PES4.exe
of course replace paths on your own
then save it with .bat extension somewhere on your desktop

@anyone who downloaded the whole patch, any chances at separate link only with Option File? (about 700 kb)


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Originally posted by Joja Kozara
He he, nedaj se zemljaèe, vazda nas teroriziraju.:rockman:

Ko ij jebe Joja. Samo da malo znam vise psovati na engleskom, ali "He got a message"


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Originally posted by DirtyShady
The lastest version of Kitserver decrease also quality of kits, I don' t see any difference with .BIN files.

No, it didn't. It solved that kit problem where in medium distance they looked bad.
And now inserted in the 0_text.afs they look bad again in some disntance.


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After I open 3D analyzer v2.34, the screen of 3D analyzer v2.34 can't showed completely. "Save batch file" button can't be seen on the screen.