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Tips & Tricks



Bhaiyya,Can you tell me some names of players I can buy who will be useful for the future.Please tell 15 to 25 name.If you can you can tell more names.


Hey bhai I have seen that before.I wanted to know some young players who will develop in the future.All these players are well known and are very costly.
Sorry for any inconvenience.


Club Supporter
thanks guys for help u give for us.

I started playing with real beteis in first season I bought the following player:
in summer:
-Solskjær from man united (penalty box)
-Rayen Nelson from somewhere? (ball winner)

- Stiven Ried (Busy)
- Schools (Busy)
- Johninho (Playmaker)

next season:
- Crespo (Penalty box)

the problem is Solskjær and Crespo each one of them in the game I saw them go back a lot of time and they mess a lot of good chances
I have Rafeal Sobis even he is worse than them but he scored about 18 goals but the aren't score more than 6 for each one.

last season I bought johniho and schools and I think was a bad decision because they are slow and with low stamina.

after all the only player I benfit from the deal with him is Ried he is good in defense midfield and attacking

I am starting the 3rd season
I send the agent to inquery about forlan and requlme
forlan will sign with 4m
but the thing that I can't belief it sayed reqleme with sign with free transfer.
I need better strikers to score goals.
and very good and speed attacking midfield
with acceptable amount because all I have is 13m.

can anyone explain defference between: penalty box and runs channel

and which is better in attacking midfield: playmaker or attack midfield if the second one is better in spped and passing and shooting on goal.

Mr. Proxnet
if you are using chatting by using gtalk or any program else can you contact me I have some questions.

Thanks in advance


where should I put the 2D faces in Fifa Manager 07?
Please Reply!


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I have created a new club in england. bought some gud players (target man, holding, playmaker of best quality at that level). but what ever formation i choose i always loose.

in 3d mode the defence make very stuipd mistakes :( and forwards are not able to finish even simple one on ones.

can anyone guide me in detail how to go forward. i am kinda stuck


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dipanjan;2399898 said:
what's ur team dude?What r thier ratings?

thanks for replying back:rockman:

I named it hyderabad united :) . i am in my first year in regional division 2. and hw to check ratings???.

I have another problem with controls in 3d mode.i have installed a patch to control entire team in 3d mode. i have to press S many times to switch the player. also no controls apart from a, s, d seems to work (like w, e).

Can you please tell me how to change controls.


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(and 14.4 for kaka but then l8tr sold him off cuz he wasnt fitting well into the team. Sold for 11.0 mil)

Please tell me HOW you buy kaka for 14 million...
Just tell me ;)
haha. Messi is rated at over 50 million in my game and Ronaldo is about 45 million. I'm pretty sure Kaka is over 35 million as well...


Youth Team
I don't really get the game...I got it recently...but don't know how it works. It's so complicated. Do you...actually get to play, like on Fifa 08?


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Hi,i'm new here and my username is chrisoleh.
I liked to ask some questions about FIFA Manager 2009(anyone playing that version?)
i need to know why my Misc is always decreasing every week?I tried to transfer money from Transfer and Construction Costs but if i transfer more,the board will have no intention to transfer more money to Misc.Please help.
Second,it said that i'm lack of staffs,but I need to extend my Club Centre,this takes a lot of money,any way to solve this?

billy aman

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hurm...thanx guys for all the tips on financial management..
can any1 help me on the team training part
is there any obvious relation between trainin and the the team gameplay


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Hi all,

I am a new member and I have a question regarding trainings.

As you know we can set a long term training but also we can set the training of individual players. I don't understand how they don't neutralize each others. I mean I set fitness in long term training but then set eg. a skill training for the individuals. What will he be trained? Are these trainings conected to each others or what are their effect in the above case?

Thanks for any valuable answer.

PS. I would add even a 3rd training setting possibility: when you set the 3 training group. It creates an even more complicated situation. 3 settings and all of them can be completely different. How will my poor players know what to train? :)


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Fifa manager 11-loan help

How do you bid for a player on loan who is not on the loan list?
I wanted to bring someone on loan but can only bid to buy???