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Tips & Tricks


Club Supporter
i have some 1 billion in my club budget,i bought arsenal and buyed gerrard,terry,cassillas and pique,out of every 5 matches i lose to one even if that team is worst.
Your thread is very helpful,thanks and keep up the good work.


Club Supporter
Hi i am new help me please!

proxnet;2163460 said:
it depends on what sort of challenge you would want. To win trophies or to save a club from relegation.

hi proxnet i live in kolkata. I hav started a new club but sold it aftr 20 months.i hav joined west ham. I think its an easy challenge so should i start a new game.


Senior Squad
Hey i never played fm 11 can u tell me that we can play the match or just watch like a manager!


Club Supporter
I have a question:

I own a club and my funds are 1.7 Millions, i took a loan so i can buy an extra player or two, but a screen appeared so i can add the loan to exact areas like transfer or salary, i found that my transfer budget is 12+ millions. So can anyone explain this ?!


Club Supporter

when you log in online, it says there are achievements and rewards, what are the achievements you have to do? can't find out anywhere!


Club Supporter
Alright guys, im facing a really weird problem in fifa manager 13.

Ive just completed my 7th season and im about to change clubs. But when i change club in july, things go normally till the end of august transfer window. After that, the game crashes on the matchday (of any club ive signed for). Im not even able to simulate the match. Surprisingly, the game worked fine when i tried the saved file on my friend's laptop. Any suggestions?