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kit req

Hey Tonce pls make this kit...............:clapwap::clapwap::clapwap:



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Hi, small update here :)
I've been helping my parents out with refurbishing our house, so I've been extremely busy and I've had little time to work on the Championship pack. I had some free time today, and I've been working on the Wigan kitpack:


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Wigan kitpack is done :)

I'm still missing a few kits from the Championship though :/ Ipswich and Yeovil are very difficult to make.


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Hi Tonce, your BPL kitpack was fantastic, and the Championship part 1 as well.
If you have some spare time, could you please do Swindon Town's away kit?
It looks like this:

I also noticed that you haven't yet made the shorts and socks for the home kitset.
They look like this:

They all are out & confirmed, images from the official store (
Thanks for all of your hard work, keep it up. :)