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Turkish League Patch 13 by FIFA Infinity


Club Supporter
darrek1988;3405484 said:
Jarro and I are finishing the team banners. After that it will be very close to the release. :)

I hope it will be ready before 12 march :) i have a birthday on 16 march, they we can choice our turkish favo teams. And i can edite some players, and transfer players to some clubs in Turkish League, I have searched for a database editor but i could not manage it :( it's very difficult.


Club Supporter
darrek1988;3408406 said:
Most likely it will be released before that. :)

I can not waitttttttttttttttt

i have a question, wich program do you use to make a new competition or edit team names in a league ? If i know that i can edit my self a little bit.


Senior Squad
The patch creation is in the final stage. Now we are slowly putting it all together.

Trabzon61;3411283 said:
i have a question, wich program do you use to make a new competition or edit team names in a league ? If i know that i can edit my self a little bit.
I use dllc folder for that. The team names can be changed by editing the data/loc folder.

uomomagnetico;3412101 said:
if you like my style i could create adboards for each turkish team...i need only the team id..(i.e. what league is replaced?)
We'll let you know if we need anything.


Reserve Team
Turkish League Patch 13

Turkish League Patch 13

- All the 18 teams of STSL
-Real rosters for 12/13 season
-Turkish League and Cup in manager mode and in tournament mode
- Real jerseys with correct collars,number placements etc
- Real flags & banners
- Real budgets
- Real generic adboards
- Realistic workrates,skill stars and traits for all players
- Accurate player info (years in club, loans and contract lenth)
- Real Turkish referees (+realistic apearances)
- More than 250 minifaces
- Many new names commented by the commentators
- New Nike Maxim STSL ball
- 51 Faces (Face List)
- 3 new teams in ROTW: Bate Borisov, Ukraine & Croatia
- Sükrü Saracoglu Stadium
- Database is updated with all 12/13 winter transfers
- Updated all the fake team and league names with their real name like Liga Portuguesa > Liga Zon Sagres
- Patch supported in ENG only
- Revolution Mod 13 v.1.3 integrated

* The Turkish League replaces the Tippeligaen (Norway) only in Career Mode!

Patch Screens

Database: darrek1988 & Damien
Kits: _wolff_, Celtian, Raul & DiMPaK
Faces: verh, Halicyc, guarin_91, andu89, Shifty*nim, Jan Willem, KrisDzung276, KurtCoban, Anuke & Cris-9
Minifaces: Damien, BigBena & sortitoutsi.net
Tattoos: Kenshin & Killerito
Banners & Flags: Jarro, Damien & darrek1988
Adboards: Damien
Logos, Ball & Cup Graphics: Damien & EA Sports
Stadium: mustafasahin
Setup: Damien
Special thanks to:
Outsider87 and Rinaldo for Creation Master 13
scouser09 for Revolution Mod 13
iard86 for i86 Regenerator 13

Before you install the patch be sure to follow this tutorial:

How to have multiple FIFA 13′s installed on the same HDD
Read the “Read Me” file to install the patch correctly!