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Turkish League Patch 13 by FIFA Infinity


Club Supporter
BTW, guess because it replaces norway league in career mode, i can only select five subs. But when i start the match go to team management there are seven substitions :D Anyway it's awesome thank you for all your efforts.


Youth Team
my game crashes after a fw seconds. the picture of messi appears, load and crash?> what is the problem? >I need some help please because I did everything that was on the guide installation.


Senior Squad
hey darrek, i was asking about like that;

bulkan;3391536 said:
Wooow! I'm soo excited. Nice to see that. Good luck bro. :)
will it contains also Ukraine premier league / seperately just contains Turkish league??
really hope to you would combinate the both of 2 leagues.

then you were answered ;
darrek1988;3391660 said:
It's made on the same database in case of a combined release. :)
but Ukraine premier league is not exist on this patch. why?

the Leper King

Club Supporter
Yup, this patch is broken for career mode.
I tried a season with Fernebace and it always crashes on May 6th during the first season. Haven't tried the other leagues but since this is a Turkish League Patch, I really didn't want to play the other leagues. Is this really our only option for Turksih league in Fifa 13?