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UEFA Team of the Year - Vote


Staff member
GK: Cech

LB: Del Horno
CB: Terry
CB: Alex
RB: Belletti

LM: Nedved
CM: Lampard
RM: Garcia (RM?)

AM: Ronaldinho

F: Eto'o
F: Zlatan

Coach: Mourinho

None of the RBs, LBs, LMs and RMs on the list had a truly great year IMHO, those were the most difficult choices to make at least for me.

Payukgcn said:
GK - Iker Casillas
I think he could eventually take the spot, but he's not even on the list :rolleyes:

Goo Goo boy

Senior Squad
Paulo Ferreira definitely deserved a place in the RB spot.

And i only didn't pick Buffon because it's a 2005 award and he was injured half of 2005.


Senior Squad
MaSsiVe said:
None of the RBs, LBs, LMs and RMs on the list had a truly great year IMHO, those were the most difficult choices to make at least for me.

Zambrotta had heck of a good year... :eek:


Staff member
vitu said:
Zambrotta had heck of a good year... :eek:

I voted considering what I saw of each player on that list in 2005.
yeah Zambrotta had a pretty good year as far as I know, but Del Horno while at Bilbao was very, very good.
Maybe because I saw him playing more often, his game had a bigger impact in my eyes....
GK: Buffon

DR: Sagnol
DL: Zambrotta
DC: Nesta
DC: Puyol

MR: Ronaldo
MC: Gerrard
AMC: Ronaldinho
ML: Nedved

FC: Shevchenko
FC: Adriano

Coach: Hiddink


Senior Squad
my team

GK: Cech
LB: Zambrotta
CB: John Terry
CB: Fabio Cannavaro
RB: Cafu
LM: Simao
CM: Lampard
RM: Luis Garcia
AM: Ronaldinho
ST: Ibrahimovic
ST: Toni


my team:

Buffon; Zambrotta, Carragher, Cannavaro, Cafu ; Camoranesi, Gerrard, Malouda; Sheva, Ibra


Senior Squad
I can't believe so many of you voted for C.Ronaldo and Robben - they were absolte nothing this Champions League season so far. :nape:

to choose a RB was difficult, nobody was really outstanding IMO.

ps: I know that Juninho and Ronaldinho were both listed as AM, but IMO both were the 2 outstanding players so far in the Champions League Group Phase, therfore had to be included - I voted for Juninho on the UEFA website, simply because otherwise only Ronaldinho would get votes, and Juninho once again nothing, since' he's not in the limelight like he'd be at Barca and other "famous clubs".

GK: Coupet
RB: Sagnol
LB: Zambrotta

RM: Beckham
CM: Juninho
AM: Ronaldinho
LM: Malouda

ST: Ibrahimovic
ST: Etoo


SG's Fluffiest
GK: Cech
RB: Kromkamp
CB: Carvalho
CB: Carragher
LB: Zambrotta
RM: Camoranesi
CM: Xavi
LM: Robben
AM: Ronaldinho
F: Eto'o
F: Ibrahimovic

Coach: Hiddink


Fan Favourite
This is bull****. Xavi or Essien havent even been 1/10th of the quality Cocu had last season and the first half of this season. Besides Park is nominated as left mid. He never played there for PSV, but who cares? Van Bommel should certainly be above average players like Joaquin, Camoranesi and the useless Beckham at right mid


Staff member
Xavi is a very underrated player IMO. Xavi makes it look simple, which is even harder to do. I even think last season Xavi was equally important to Barcelona as Ronaldinho.


Staff member
Xavi is an amazing midfielder: he tackles, creates , and hardly misses a pass, short or long.
together with Deco and Ronaldinho, he helps Barcelona having the most fierceful midfield in the world atm....


French Touch
GK - Petr Cech
RB - Willy Sagnol
CB - Cris
CB - John Terry
LB - Gianluca Zambrotta
RM - Luis Garcia
CM - Frank Lampard
LM - Ji Sung Park
AM - Ronaldinho
FW - Thierry Henry
FW - Didier Drogba

Coach: Frank Rijkaard


Youth Team
Cant find the link.. i must be blind

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