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UNLOCK LOCK TO PLAYER in Tournaments mods


Club Supporter
Hello friends! I want to ask all FIFA editors if there is a possibility to unlock in Tournament Modes the customization option for Lock To Player just like you can choose in Career Mode. Is it possible to edit that from Cheat Table or Editor Tool?



In this way, you could play the World Cup or the Qualifiers towards the World Cup with mods, or the Champions League, among other tournaments, but using only one player on the playing field.

It would be like captaining your team from previous FIFAs. I usually play that way with friends, in Career Mode, each picking a single player from the starting 11.

I wait an answer! Hopefully it can be edited!


Club Supporter
someone needs to tell us where the codes for it are located and maybe then it's easier for me or for someone to work on it, I haven't had many researches on it honestly


Club Supporter
I think it shouldn't be so difficult to add that option. Because it already exists within the game in the Career Modes. It's just implementing it in other modes. It is stupid that FIFA has not incorporated that option in all its game modes.


Club Supporter
Now it seems that in the next update FIFA 23 will include a new mode with the Women's World Cup that will be called: Captain your team, or something similar; like in the old FIFA's. That's what we need to be able to implement in the rest of the modes! Or in the Men's World Cup! It would be great! It has to be able to be done! Hopefully someone who understands the subject manages to edit it.