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Vanilla + Career Realism Mod [FREE]


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Vanilla + Career Realism Mod (Vanilla Plus)

Just small nice changes for FIFA20 career mode
No major or massive changes to vanilla

All the changes from vanilla

+ Players from own countries tend to stay in same country (example English players will mostly stay in English league)
+ younger players cost more
+ young players wages increased a little
+ less contract expiry of players
+ older retirement - less retirement of players
+ little tweak to league player values
+ players from better more prestige teams cost more
+ positions values mostly same no matter what positions they play
+ training tweek, all training will receive same points as if they got a A
+ younger youth scout players
+ youth players will stay in youth academy a lot longer

UPDATED - for latest FIFA patch (working and tested)
Career Realism 2.6

Updated with new changes and for latest frosty mod and latest fifa20.
Updated 15 May 2020
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I use to mod FIFA a lot mainly on moddingway but decided to stop.
Most of the files are still similar so its easy to mod as I still have the knowledge what does what and what to change, thanks to frosty tool btw.

Decided to make this for 2 reasons.

Some mods are now behind a patreon gateway and i'm not up for paying for mods or can afford it and i don't want older buggy versions of mods for free.

Also some mods have stuff that have to many changes in and i want to keep the game relevantly vanilla based.

So here is some of the small tweaks that make career mode more enjoyable for me and hope it helps for you also.

Feel free to share copy edit discuss use in your mods etc etc
I will prob make updates and different versions to share as i play career mode and pick up things that annoy me to want to mod more.

I use this with and recommend FIFA Infinity Patch 20

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Felipe Pflanzer

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Great, to be perfect just need to make it stadiums with more empty chairs like a real life.
All games with crowded stadium is not real, especially if your team is not doing very well.

Is it possible to do that?


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so, where do i put this to take effect in Frosty(top or .. ) .. ?! .. & congrats for the release .. :blueball:


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thanks, it shouldn't really matter the load order. to check its working go to training and you will see the same growth it shows no mater the training result