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Vanilla + Career Realism Mod [FREE]


Club Supporter
Good morning guys!
Someone who can make camera mod zoom and height available in the latest FIFA 20 update?


Club Supporter
Hi Chris !

There is something boring in FIFA 20. After few saisons, I was looking to transfer players and then, I've noticed that all high potential players (80 or more) has these stats:

- Sprint Speed : 99
- Acceleration : 99
- Agility : 99
- Curve : 96
- Ball Control : 98
- Dribbling : 95

But still bad in their needed capacities like Short Passes, Vision,... For a Central Middlefield.
I saw lot's of Central Defender getting same stats. So is there a way for you to give priority to players to grow in their respective needed capacities to reach their potentials more realisticly ?

PS : Can you update you mod please ?


Club Supporter
what would anyone else like to improve the realism?
I edit in RBDM the saudi Leauge and did my leauge, every thing is ok in frendly mode
but when i pick my team in career mode the game crashing in loading screen.
any way to fix that?


Club Supporter
Guys ive been working on a new FIFA20 realism mod.
Which will be so much better and have tons more work in it to make it even more realistic ive currently started creating it from scratch and testing every fine detail.
All though i have 1000 of hours already modding realism mode.

Anyway i will release a update to this mod it will have no changes just compatible with the latest FIFA20


Club Supporter
just search via any browser Paul'sv2k4 Career Realism Mod for fifa 20 and you'll find much better option ..