Villarreal v Arsenal -- Champions League Semi-Final Leg 2 [P/R]


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congrats to Arsenal the deserving side. I think a Barca-Arsenal Final is going to be very interesting if Barcelona goes through.


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Yossarian said:
Exhibit A: You boasting about your post boosting.

Hot pink sweatpants, Rob. You've gotta be ****ting me throwing the rules at me like this?

Using the rule book of this forum as a weapon of intimidation when you've been called out on your consistent blatant nut-huggery in jest, sir, is just pathetic and downright ridiculous. I can guarantee you that if we adhered to those two rules in the strictest sense of their definition this forum would be a tenth it size and you'd pretty much be a mute with a negative 9000 post count. Why does the rule book only come out of the woodworks when someone takes a slight jab at a Mod, honestly? My two posts might've been irrelevent to the general theme of the thread, but I most certainly wasn't looking to boost my count. I just re-read the first one of the two pertaining to you then thought, "Hey, wouldn't it be hilarious to post a second example except this time of what it took to be banned from this place?" That was it, honestly, man. It sounded funny in my head and I posted it.

Trust me, if my sole intention when I registered here some three years ago was to swell up my post count with mostly pointless **** to be considered for Modship, my numbers would've been unnecessarily inflated like yours by now.

You know, you're very wise in going into politics because you sure do have forum politics down pat, man.



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I hate Lehmann. He is a ******* ****, tends to over react over some slightest touch whenever some players touch him. But noone can deny that was some heroic save. RESPECT (Y) ...


meeh, he did guess the side, kudos for that, but the penalty could/should have been more well taken...

anyway congrats arsenal, and definitely congrats villareal