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WC Group C: Argentina v. Serbia and Montenegro {P & R}


Senior Squad
Breathtaking passing there , I wouldn't be suprised if Serbia lose a couple of players they are the dirtiest team by far.


Starting XI
Jesus Christ, the Argies look top draw. Theyre holding the ball so well that I would even give them good odds against sides like Brazil or Germany.

I never through the Puyol-Torres goal would be blotted out of my memory so quick, but that one was a work of art :nape: And it shouldve been 3-0 there. I cant believe Crespo was booked for nothing

Back Door Skip

Staff member
S&M sucks. Argentina is running all over then and they're not even fightning back. Where's that Kezman8 dude when you need him. :nape: