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WC Group C: Argentina v. Serbia and Montenegro {P & R}


Starting XI
I notice how this Argie team is easier to root for than past ones. Its remarkably bitch-free, as Sorin is the only guy on the field I hate. After a game like this, they have to be the favorites. I guess the real test will come when they try to handle Holland

I hope Pekerman saves/rests Crespo and puts Tevez in there for the second half


Senior Squad
Argentina are class today! Hope they keep like this until the finals come. Time for Leo Messi and Carlitos Tevez on the 2nd half perhaps


Wants to be a Superstar
Damn, Argentina is destroying S&M with good football. The first two goals were simply beatiful, the second one being the best.

Argentina is playing great, definitely one of the candidates to win the cup :rockman:

El Diablo Rojo

Starting XI
Yeah an excellent match so far. The defense looks a bit nervous at times but they are still doing good.

Ayala, Heinze, Macherano, Cambiasso, Maxi, Saviola for now.:Bow:

Lucho's injury.:(

Abbondanzieri should stop doing longballs for no reason, CHILL and do a pass, but he's doing good at least for now.:nape:

The crespo's disallowed goal, it looked like he was 1 step off-side.

The referee told the serbians to calm down and seeing as they are doing a lot of fouls i wouldn't risk Tevez or Messi today.:jambo:


Staff member
I didn't get to watch Lucho's injury, does it look bad? :(

Argentina is having a flawless game.


Starting XI
dude, these ESPN commentators are so stupid its making my brain bleed

"Yeah SHEP, Serbia are just like 10 corpses out there. There is no desire to get the ball back. No urgency in their game" (look at the score, FFS)
"Yeah, its almost as if Argentina is saying 'Hey guys, its a world cup. Come play with us'"
(kezman gets a red for cutting down Riquelme)
"Yeah, Serbia are just a ball of frustration right now. Thats definately a straight red for dangerous play like that"

what the hell :| Have these guys ever watched a match before in their lives?


Staff member
4-0.....and I see the Argies scoring more.

Kezman8 dude must be rejoicing with the whole thing (C)