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WC Quarter-Final: Brasil - France {P & R}


Starting XI
congrats to france i just hope that now Zidane can retire at the very very top, which his talent deserves, he has already confirmed his legendary status up there with ronaldo, pele, and maradonna


Club Supporter
Hey guys, can someone post some vids?

Im searching for the Zidane roulett and the lop over ronaldo on the midline.

Did someone got the vids?

Thanks in advance!


French Touch

1st assist ever from Zizou to Henry :) We were waiting for 8 years, it's done! :jap:

Zidane is really a great player. Fantastic game, surely his best in France NT.
And what about Makélélé and Vieira in midfield? Amazing work. Good keeper and defense. All was rather good for us.
Ribéry, 8 games in French NT... and what a game! He's gonna be great.

Now, Portugal. They want to avenge Euro 2000 Semi-Final! In France, we want to avenge WC 82 Semi-Final against Germany! Schumacher on Battiston! :s***:

So, I hope :ewan:


Senior Squad
I hate to see brazil go out, but they totally deserved it this time. They start to really play football like the last 10 minutes. They use players wrong. And they play Ronaldo which has to be the player who have moved the least during this entire WC. I bet the goalies has run more then him during their games.

Amazing that Brazil doesn't use Robinho earlier against France. At least he can run and do a little more then to wait in the edge of the box for 90 minutes.


Fan Favourite
What a great player is that Ribery. Absolutely loving his style of play.

France impressed me the way they grown into this tournament. As I said before all the stars of Brasil were too jaded this WC to impress us.


Starting XI
ogsimon said:
congrats to france i just hope that now Zidane can retire at the very very top, which his talent deserves, he has already confirmed his legendary status up there with ronaldo, pele, and maradonna
That fat b!tch doesn't deserve to be among the greatest.


Senior Squad
Amazing performance from Zidane yesterday.

Ronaldinho has a long way to go to reach Zidane's level.

His vision, technique and creativity is out of this world. Just give the ball to him, and he creates opportunities out of nothing.

Kibe Kru

Starting XI
archkiller said:
"brazil are simply the best!" :rofl:
"brazil are 5 time champion" :rofl:
"brazil have the best players in the world" :rofl:
zidane totally pwned ronaldinho that piece of crap
and you're from?

I totally hate the arrogance showed by some brazilians here at SG and most brazilians in Brazil. But what's the point of laughing after they're out?

Oh, and can you deny they're 5 time world champions?

Ole: (Y)


Senior Squad
don't feel like commenting each aspect of our wc campaign
we played like sh!t in all games, the difference was that now we had a good opponent team...
like pelé, I had a bad sight about this game
It's amazing how we got so far in the wc, playing as we played
I used to like Cafu, despite all the criticism. But then he said he wanted to play vs japan just cause he had personal records to beat. this showed how players weren't caring about the team as whole...
I feel really happy about Zidane though. Him retiring with a WC victory would be great, he deserves it. Always classy and committed with the team his playing for.
Well, I hope we can take lessons from what happened in the last month. No more friendlies against who pays more. No more all this media hype. Players working more when wearing that yellow shirt that represents nothing but 5 WC titles.
Then now, I'm worried about who will be our new coach and if the team will be remodeled...
Anyway, that's it. We are out, you people can joke as much as you want. I just feel so bad to care about it.

Gotta support Portugal now :)


Senior Squad
A gr8 team performance from france but i was hopin for more goals though...france deserved it n brazil were outplayed...m hopin its a germany-france final.... n france win on penalties...a gr8 fairwell to Zizou :rockman:


El Merengue Argentino
Grunger said:
At least we now know for sure that the "Quadrado Mágico" is magical indeed. It dissapears. (H)

haha, same happened for Real Madrid with Vanderlei :$


Fan Favourite
Haha, our NT players were the base for one of the most mediocre Madrid sides for all history. Carlos, Cicinho, Robinho, Ronaldo, not to mention Baptista. (H)


El Merengue Argentino
Yeah, A friend of mine was saying the same thing, and said that they had the same (bad)attitude that our side had. :(

I want to keep Cicinho, JBap, and Robinho ...

and get Kaka