Why has FIFA dissapointed you in the past?

In order to free the FIFA forums of the fights that always seem to happen between FIFA fans and fans of the other sport games, we have made this thread.

Fans of any of the major soccer games can post in this thread to tell EA and the rest of the forum what you didnt like in the past FIFAs, what you dont like about the current FIFA games, and what impressions the screens and videos of FIFA2005 have given you. Feel free to say anything you like about the FIFA games(as long as its negative :D). However, there must be a reason why, this is not a thread to just flame the games, but to try and make them better by making constructive criticism.

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The FIFA series has always lacked a shooting system that has made me think and put me into that zone where you take a shot and just shout, or cheer. It's never been rewarding!!!

EA just need to make the game FUN!!!! And a lot of fun in a football game will come from the realism and enjoyment of performing actions that happen in real life, I mean any games company can make a football shooting system, but can they make it fun and rewarding?

Otherwise...what's the point in playing the game?!?!?! :confused:



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)that the world class players like ronaldinho or adriano dont get easily past the defenders

their dribbling, pace, speed, should be better, allowing them to get rid of defenders (unless they're world class like ivan cordoba :p)


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ratio, players-goals-balls size is always pretty bad. Tackle system is pretty laughable for the most part, you always get the same reaction when you do something in a specific part of the pitch, be a goal, almost a goal, goalie save.. you know what you get before the ball even comes out of your player. Off the ball was dissapointing, because it was 100% accurate when you float the ball to your player chest with no way for the defender to intercept until after the control. Dribbling is pretty random at times it seems. Shooting , 10 years and still no curve.. c'mon! They try to cater too much to the easy to pick up.. but is never hard to master, gets boring quick. Too many sweet spots.


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Yes, if we can't curve the ball then we have no real control over the shot, in real life when you shoot the ball, you have to think about the curve, the ball doesn't bend for you!

If they want real simulation, then they've got to make it...they can't just say it's real simulation LOL.



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For one, no more pick and and play stuff. Most people who play this game actually want a real football simulation, its better if you make it harder with more controls to master. Make it more difficult, otherwise the fun is taken out of the game.
Also, there should be more animations for trapping, dribbling, ect. It got very old, very soon, when in fifa 04 (or even in euro) the ball was lobbed to the player and all he did was a chest trap. There needs to be a lot more variation, by the looks and previews of 2005 it seems you added more. But there still needs to be much more, its the same thing everytime you lob a player the ball, even if it is with the chest there should still be some variations in the animations. Also variate the animations in tackling, turning, dribbling.....and most everything else. Players attributes should also matter, henry should be able to outrun many defenders, and del piero should be able to fake out defenders easily than other players. It has gotten a lot better in euro 04 but it still needs to be improved. Basically more of everything you have, the more the better.


the idea is right, but they feal way to scripted right now. Why dont we get to control where exactly the corner or fk is kicked. like in 2003 you can set the accuracy and power of a kick and depending on the wind and the accuracy and the player kicking, the cursor will move and the ball will move after you've kicked it. It makes it harder to score and will be more realistic. After you set the power and accuracy THEN you take control of the player and try to jostle for space. You should have to work for the ball instead of pushing a player to one side and easily heading it in. Once again, the goal would be a lot more rewarding and the game would get a lot more fun.

Graphics are great, for me its not enjoyable to play a game with crap graphics. Fifa has always excelled in that, keep up that work. But at the same time put most of your focus on the gameplay. Because, lets face it, just because a game looks good doesn't mean it is good. Its got to be fun.


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Yea I agree. they shouldn't be looking to make the game for easy pick-up-and-play. They should make it challanging because if anyone can pick up and play then it's gonna get boring fast.


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OK first of all, this thread is a good idea and even though im a well documented FIFA fan, I do have plenty of criticism and frustration to get off my chest.

Crowd - Its a disgrace. It looks like turd and it sounds like turd. What is soccer without the atmosphere of the crowd? When teams are on the counter attack, the supporters should be screaming in anticipation and if that goal does come, the supporters, who SHOULD be in their teams shirt, make a longer noise then just the YEAH we first hear for three seconds. Then after the goal, we should here chanting and the supporters clapping anytime the goal scorer goes near the ball.

Penalties - They could be much much better. There is absolutely no reason for poor penalty animations in soccer games, yet EA some how manage to trip over all the hurdles and give us some crap where we can only shoot to five spots of the goal at too different paces. Also, the crowd behind needs to react with the player.

Celebrations - There's always been hope in this department, I remember not so long ago in FIFA 2001 there were great goal celebrations were you could see the players adrenilin pumping through his veins. But as FIFA got older, the celebrations gradually got worse.

Inability to create/edit players - Its been there in all FIFA's except 2003 and 2004. Why take it out? Its a great innovation that makes the user spend more time on the game and customising it to his leasure. I lost a lot of respect for EA after the CC was taken out.

Hmm I will be back when I remember some more problems.


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Im mostly dissapointed withthe 2004 version. But not about just the gameplay. OK they improved the gameplay, some good graphs and so on.

But the fact that really made me mad was the inerface of the game. Just too many errors... errors that a guy of highschool can do in a Project... but not a proffesional who earns a lot of money and who have the time and the facilities to do a more than excellent job.

Yeap, im talking baout those stupid errors like puting 3 teams from the same country in the same CL group. I mean? COME ON!! NO one is as stupid to do it. The only, ONLY way it could be possible is that they didnt noticed the Bug, why? because of the lack of commitment.

Another think is thefalse advertisement... im talking about the dinamyc weather thing. I was not complaining too much because of it.. but there were people that really wanted it. They (EA) said that it was goping to be in the game... but later they said they didnt HAD time to do it. BE PROFFESIONAL GUYS.

When in the starting eleven screen, there were just 8 players in the screen, and u have to scroll down to chekc the whole team. Its alittle detail but u are getting my point.

In the career mode.... in some games.. after the 3rd season.. the game stopped to give u the "points" even when u reached the goals.

In the tranasfer Market, why we coudnt signa player from the America´s teams? I mean.. players like ronaldinho, Maradona, Batistuta, Saviola, all of them were scouted in their national leagues before becoming stars!!!! They didnt suddenly appeared in the European Teams!!! HELLO EA!!.

Things like that i noticed in the game, and not just me... a lot of people complained about it. IMO it is a shame that a compnay like EA...show a product with those errors, its really really dissapointing taking in consideration te time and the technology thei have in their hands.


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The AI attack is very predictable. AI never shots from long distance even with lots of space too shoot he will pass to a teammate who is making a run toward goal but the teammate might be covered.

The AI does not really set up a play, it's always a through ball and then shoot when the player gets in the box.

How about trying to round the keeper or a long cross in to a player who heads it in. That's what I want to see the AI do on attack. More variety took make me play my best defense.


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make a game which you can honestly say is going to surprise us (in a good way), and is not just standard each year, and you'll have the fans all over the game.

i find it doesn't take long to work out a strategy against the computer, if you can take away this thought process of the player so that they play where they have to think differently against each team, each player, differently (because of the lineups/matchups) then you'll have a winning formula that no one will match easily.

Code for real, dont change the camera angles each year so it just looks like the ball curves, make the ball curve. its thinking like that which will make a great game.

EA, hire me.


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well what i think fifa does well is lisencing. but if the game lacks in gameplay the lisencing is useless. i mean they have liceinsing but they dont have real cleats like winning 11. and every body is both footed. lets make it real plz. the game play is meteocur and the online mode made it even better. but instead of short term fun lets concentrate on longevity/ umm fifa can be tthe greatest game do to there great graphics an authenticity but if a game has everything besides gamewplay its boring after the first few weeks.

i think they should make the passing animation look more smooth and natural. then make the career mode more extensve and complete. take all the ideas form madden and live like the training, and the option to tempt players to a pre contract if there contract ends in the following transfer window. or ticket prcing and stuff. better stat layout. and all the good stuff


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oh yea the shots forom outside the box were un stobabale. tehy need to change that. i once got scored on from about 40 yards out with a ball that was supposed to be a modified cross. in 2004


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My opinion is I didn't like FIFA 04 because it should be called UEFA 04 :) I want to see more out of Europe leagues, clubs and nations.

That's all!!!

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The game is always a big promise, and it ends up dissappointing. I thought 2003 was bad, but then I played 2004. The game is too predictable, too choppy, and too plain. If something cool is added, be guaranteed that it won't be in it the year after. It always seems to be the same problem; lack of variety, last year the big dissappointment was career mode, it was too short and it felt like you were playing a radom exhibition game. Also, online was just awful. Connecting more than once was a miracle, if it happened, and the pinball feel is still there, even tough its been "fixed" several times.


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Gameplay since FIFA 2000 has gone down.
I'd want the A1 to be much more ruthless and make sure the human player can never beat the A1 ever. I'd also like if there is a way, to have defenders become more involved with attacking, not just on set pieces, but open play eg counter attack, breakaways & etc.

I liked the crowd detail from 2003, how you could identify the away fans section from the home fans. (Away fans at the Anfield Road end at Anfield). Yet in 2004, all I can see is the Away fans flags,but not the away fans. Why take the good detail away?


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Originally posted by valioso
ratio, players-goals-balls size is always pretty bad. Tackle system is pretty laughable for the most part, you always get the same reaction when you do something in a specific part of the pitch, be a goal, almost a goal, goalie save.. you know what you get before the ball even comes out of your player. Off the ball was dissapointing, because it was 100% accurate when you float the ball to your player chest with no way for the defender to intercept until after the control. Dribbling is pretty random at times it seems. Shooting , 10 years and still no curve.. c'mon! They try to cater too much to the easy to pick up.. but is never hard to master, gets boring quick. Too many sweet spots.

Wow Wow Listen to this man :hump:


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Here is my 50cents...

- When I run (not sprint) after the ball and the player gets the ball, in that exact moment I lose the enitre player control, it won't turn around at all no mater how much I press left, right, up down. This lasts for only 3-5 sec, but that is enough time for the other player to take your ball.
- I hate it when I press e.g. the pass button twice or too fast, then the other player that is recieving the ball shoots it for some reason, and the ball goes nowhere - very anoying.... it's like the buttons you press get memorised and executed when the other player recieves it.

- The Kit template needs improvement. The parts around the collar, the brad and the badge area get all smudged out. it wasn't like this before...
- Where did the flairs go?

- Substitute animations! they need to be like in FIFA 2000 :)