Works & Graphics by DT33 (Banners, Faces, Adboards etc.)


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Hey all,
I've been doing a lot of graphics for about a year now....mostly for my own pleasure. It stared with adboards, flags and banners for lower league German teams with the EEP European Epansion Patch. I then expanded it to national teams as with the Road to World Cup patch. Sometimes I did kits too for the teams I was playing but those are mostly fantasy (yet still realistic).

I've even gotten into stadium editing! At first only the textures as to match it for the teams I was playing but then I also got the hang of blender and have been able to make some edits with the the stadium models to make them look closer to the actual stadiums for my teams.

And now I finally managed to make faces too! I already used to be a facemaker ages ago (I believe Fifa 04) with good results. But not it's quite a different ball game. Litereally. xD Anyway, so I finally decided to share some of my work with you guys!

I will start with the Gambia NT adboards I just made. These are fanasy! Meaning I just looked at Gambian companies and pictures of stadiums. Which, unfortunately there aren't many and apparently there aren't really many adboards in the stadiums in real life. (I only saw a "Total" adboard) So I just took the various companies that seemed somewhat realisitc and made a cool adboard from it (or so I think :D) -->

Original template in 512 x 1024 (better for Fifa 14 and older Fifas):

In 1024x2048 (for newer Fifas):

If you have a good graphics card/CPU and monitor you can use the high resolutions for Fifa 14 too. :)

With shading, type 1:

In 1024x2048:

With shading, type 2:

In 1024x2048:

With shading type 3 and different adboard types:

I really like those! Though they are more realistic for clubs, I use that type mostly for the German teams which you will see later :) As for (african) national teams I think shading type 2 works best.

In 1024x2048:

And just a heads up regaring my work: Either you like it or you don't. I really don't care for "absolute perfection" or "100% realistic" or every minute detail. I do these things primarly for myself and when I'm happy with it that's it! I don't have any further incentive or motivation to change things further. Not keen on pleasing everyone else or on having to impress people. Let's remember that these things can be very time consuming. Having said that though, I'm quite a perfectionist and "nit-picker" myself in private so I think the results are presentable/shareable nonetheless. xD

And just so you know - I'm not here to compete with anyone! This is all about just sharing and having joy in a community, ok? That's the way it's supposed to be IMO.

As for faces: these will probably still take a while as I'm having a major issue with them not displaying properly in-game :/ - see here:
Please help!
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Btw, "Gambia Bird" is defunct now. But it was active in 2012-14 which fits perfect for the purpose I created it for - the Road to World Cup 2014 qualification.

I play a bigger round there btw as I replace all the CONCACAF teams with African ones. It's really a lot of fun and you're not limited to the 5 two legged KO matches of the last African stage from that patch (a total of only 10 African teams). IT's really the only thing I don't like with that patch that it doesn't have the full Africa qualification round but at least this is a work around. (And of course I also replace those few original African teams from the last round with some CONCACAF teams - so I still have CONCACAF members going to the World Cup :)).

This Gambia Bird thing is a good example though of how I wouldn't care about "100% realistic". Because chances are I still would use it beyond 2014. Of course everyone can feel free to make changes to such things themselves. ;-)


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Oh, and here are the rx3 files of the Gambia adboards. Chances are I won't make/post rx3 files for most of my graphics though. Again, time consumption...

The Gambia ID for the World Cup 14 patch is 112044. So that's what I used. Make sure this doesn't overlap with some other team in your dbs.

Original template/raw version:

The "Kopie" (copy) in the name indicates the shading type as posted in the order earlier above. You will also find the resolution in the name. Make sure you erase all these parts from the file name so that you are always only left with "specificadboard_112044_0_0_0.rx3". Place that in your adboard folder in data/sceneassets. Hope you enjoy!


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Here now some stuff for lower league German teams. These can be used with the European Expansion Patch EEP 2.0 which features 6 German leagues. I even modded it up to a 7th (!) division.

Goslarer SC

Shade Type 1

Shade Type 1 brighter

Shade Type 2

Shade Typ 2 brighter

Download rx3-file (place in data/sceneassets/adboards):

SSV Markranstädt

Shade Type 2 Variant 1

Shade Type 2 Variant 2

Shade Type 2 Variant 3

Download rx3-file ((place in data/sceneassets/adboards)):

Something in general regarding these adboards. They're usually a mixture of the sponsors and brands I can find on the clubs' websites and what I can find on pictures of their stadiums.