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    Official Mexican National Team Thread: Seleccion Nacional de Mexico

    They did at times definitely but you also have to take into consideration that this was Eriksson's first game as coach and he had no time to work with this group of players. I'm just glad we didn't lose because it was looking pretty hopeless until Pavel scored.
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    MLB 2008 Season

    I don't think he will for the simple fact that he knows how he finishes this season will have an impact as to how much he gets offered this offseason. He'll be on his best behavior.
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    MLB 2008 Season

    Manny Ramirez has done more for the Dodgers in the last 3 days than Andruw Jones has done all year. Manny struck out today and the crowd still cheered for him. :D Hopefully he helps us past Arizona for the division, maybe today was a sign of things to come the rest of the way.
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    2008 College Football Thread...

    The USC-OSU game is going to be great. The D will hold up their end for sure, Rey Maualuga is a fucking beast. I'm curious as to how the offense will respond against Ohio State's D. The offense's consistency just hasn't been there since the days of Leinart and Bush, the running backs are there...
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    2008 NBA Playoffs Thread

    Haha, I was honestly saying the same thing about making a comeback but I was just trying to be optimistic. I knew it'd be tough but I didn't expect us to just lay down and take a beating like that. The haters will be out in full force tomorrow around here, can't wait for that.
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    2008 NBA Playoffs Thread

    I can't believe that just happened. Kobe was off just about all night and Lamar disappeared in the second half. I thought this game was over at halftime, we were moving the ball around like we usually do and everything just seemed to be going our way. No team has ever come back from being down...
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    MLB 2008 Season

    That draft time should be good for me, I get out from work at around 11 am so I shouldn't have a problem making it.
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    MLB 2008 Season

    Please, we all know that Clayton Kershaw is going to win the ROY. He'll make the rotation out of spring training and will dominate the NL this season. (H)
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    MLB 2008 Season

    I'm in for playing fantasy baseball again. Dodgers will win the NL West btw (H) I wish.
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    Official 2007-2008 NFL Season Thread

    I wouldn't worry about it, if he's out walking on it I'm pretty sure he'll be fine for the game. I'm surprised no one in NY tried to go Tanya Harding on him though, that wouldd be last place I'd go to before the game if I was Brady.
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    Black Friday

    I work at a Nike Factory store and had to get up at 2 am today to go work since we opened at 4. I'm just glad it's over with until next year if I still work there. Its one thing to see a large group of people run into a store on TV and then to see it in person, pretty crazy stuff.
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    MLB 2007 Season

    Nah I'm safe, plenty of smoke and ash in the air around here though. The closest fire to me is a fire in the San Bernardino area about 30 minutes east from here.
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    Barclays Premiership PL 07/08: Week 5

    Saturday, 1st September: Fulham - Tottenham Hotspur 1-2 Reading - West Ham United 2-2 Newcastle United - Wigan Athletic 2-1 Middlesbrough - Birmingham City 1-0 Bolton Wanderers - Everton 1-2 Liverpool - Derby County 3-0 Manchester United - Sunderland 2-1 Sunday, 2nd September: Arsenal...
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    2007/08 College/HS football thread [R]

    Shit, well I'm out, I'm working on Monday. :S
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    Barclays Premiership PL 07/08: Week 4

    Saturday, 25th August: Sunderland - Liverpool 1-2 West Ham United - Wigan Athletic 2-0 Aston Villa - Fulham 1-0 Derby County - Birmingham City 2-2 Chelsea - Portsmouth 2-1 Bolton Wanderers - Reading 1-1 Arsenal - Manchester City 2-1 Everton - Blackburn Rovers 2-2 Sunday, 26th August...