Best Derby In The World?


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Rangers/Celtic is more than just a football match. One of the oldest derbies in the world is also about religion. The kind of anti sectarian hatred between the two cannot be described and it’s been rife in Scotland for centuries now.

It blows your Tyne/Tees out of the water.


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Punkt said:
Flamengo-Fluminense (Rio de Janeiro)

??? :(
Vasco x Flamengo!!!
This is THE BEST ONE! The biggest derbie in the world, the biggest teams on Brazil!

Another brazilians derbies:
Americano x Goytacaz(Campos, RJ)
Atlético/PR x Coritiba(Curitiba)
Ponte Preta x Guarani(Campinas, SP)
Inter x Gremio(Porto Alegre)
Avaí x Figueirense(Florianópolis)
Atlético MG x Cruzeiro(Belo Horizonte)
Goiás x Vila Nova(Goiás)
Ceará x Fortaleza(Ceará)
Remo x Paysandu(Pará)
Vitória x Bahia(Salvador)
CRB x CSA(Maceió)
Sergipe x Confinça(Sergipe)
Treze x Campinense(Campina Grande, in Paraíba)
Sampaio Correa x Moto Clube(Maranhão)
América RN x ABC(Rio Grande do Norte)
Potiguar x Baraúnas(Mossoró, also Rio Grande do Norte)
Flamengo/PI x River(Piauí)
Santa Cruz x Náutico x Sport Recife(Pernambuco)
Mixto x Operário(Mato Grosso do Sul)
Brasiliense x Gama(Brasília)
Ypiranga x São José(Amapá)


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i've saw somewhere that Fla-Flu is the biggest rivalry in Rio. But if i'm wrong sorry.:p actually i like Vasco for obvious reasons ;)


yes, i love vasco da gama:p i've got family in brazil and they're vasco fans, so i'm a vasco fan to. romario!:rofl::rockman:


all classics


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Il Derby Della Sicilia
Palermo Vs Catania Or Palermo Vs Messina
Best Derby In The World!!!!!!!!!!


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If you guys want, you can post pics of your favourite derby in my Ultras thread, it will add to the already enormous collection of Ultras fotos already posted.


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Hey Zauli im posting up some Palermo Ultras pics in my thread just in case you want some of them.


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gagiz said:
Hey Zauli im posting up some Palermo Ultras pics in my thread just in case you want some of them.

lol dont worry I got plenty I go to many Palermo Ultras site on the net :D
But anyways post The threads link here I still wanna see some of your Pics your posting :D


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Racing Club vs. Independiente de Avellaneda (Avellaneda, Even more specific than saying Buenos Aires) This Derby for me has much more history than a River Boca derby...I believe that the teams as well are older than Boca (for sure) and River Plate I believe is from 1901 while Racing Club was founded in 1903...The oldest club in Argentina in existence today I believe is Quilmes, which was founded in 1887.


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Juventus Milan ... Different cities but fully loaded.
I also think The Spanish derby Barca Real fits fine... Real derbys i think nothing compares to


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inter milan-ac milano(serie a)
real madrid-fc barcelona(primera division)
fc chelsea london-arsenal london(premiership)
borrusia dortmund-fc schalke(bundesliga)
lyon - marseille(french league)
legia warsaw-wisla cracow(idea extraclass)
fenerbache- galatasaray(turkish league)
celtic-rangersscottish league:)


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This is the best ever derby in the fvcking universe....

Barca vs Real Madrid, mother of all derbies....

Maybe soon the...

Newcastle United Jets led by Terry Venables Vs Sydney F.C. led by Dwight Yorke !!! :rockman: